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Do you know what the Windows Spotlight Quiz is? What are the advantages that you can get from Windows Spotlight Quiz? Or you already know about Windows Spotlight quiz but do not how it works for you yet, don’t you? To know more about this topic, actually you have to keep scrolling this page down!

Before we go on knowing Windows Spotlight Quiz, it is better for you to know about Windows Spotlight first. As we know that Windows Spotlight can be mentioned as a feature involved by default in Windows 10 which works to downloads any images and advertisements from Bing automatically. After the pictures have been downloaded, they will display on computer’s screen when it is lock screen in running Windows 10.

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In this case, the users of the computer are able to get a chance to see just fewer image or more. Certainly, the type of image on the Windows can be different or similar type as well. Sometimes, the pictures are attached with the link to the advertisements. In 2017, Microsoft has developed it by adding some locations information for many of the images that where the image comes from. So, every user can know where the pictures are taken by.
Talking about Windows Spotlight Quiz, definitely we will be directed into a feature which provides by Windows on your computer’s screen. At the point is Windows Spotlight Quiz is a gorgeous and sophisticated feature service provided by Microsoft especially for Windows 10 in operating system. The spotlight itself can fetch and rotate the pictures automatically on user’s lock screen. Certainly, this service makes the display of Windows more interesting and beautiful with the high quality photography with the exotic locations too.

How to Take Windows Spotlight Quiz YouTube?

Unfortunately, we do not get the sources related to the Windows Spotlight Quiz on YouTube. But, the main point that we will explain here is about the Windows Spotlight Quiz explained by some YouTube Channel. For the Windows Spotlight Quiz YouTube, certainly we do not get it. Well, in this chance, we will show you some of Windows Spotlight Quizzes that appear on the lock screen of your computer. Here are the samples of Windows Spotlight Quizzes that you may know:

1. This is one of wonders of the world? Where is it?

a. Greece
b. Egypt
c. Peru

2. Where the location of this gorgeous building?

a. San Francisco
b. Dubai
c. New York

3. In what city that this awesome building exist?

a. London
b. Baku
c. Beijing

4. Where the location of the image?
a. Paris
b. Venezuela
c. Manhattan

5. This is one of futuristic building for this city. Where is it ?
a. Abu Dhabi
b. Nagoya
c. Nanjing

Certainly, the Windows Spotlight images can vary in every time when you are locking your computer’s screen. It can be one option for you if you want to take some quizzes to get more knowledge about some futuristic images around the world. The quiz absolutely will make your brain more honed by paying attention on some gorgeous images. Good Luck!

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