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Based on, wiki is a server program that permits users to collaborate in forming the content of a web site. So, the users can create and edit the content. The term ‘wiki’ is taken from the word ‘wikiwiki’ and it means ‘fast’ in the Hawaiian language. Usually, wiki provides an interface which is simplified. Contributors are able to review the history of the page they are working on or preview the web page before publishing it and they are able to do that any time. And the most popular wiki web is Wikipedia.

Now, how about wiki web for Windows Spotlight Quiz? It seems that the wiki web for Windows Spotlight Quiz is Wikipedia. In that site, there is information about Windows Spotlight Quiz. Information about what Windows Spotlight is, photo locations, and more are available there. But, it seems that the information about Windows Spotlight Quiz there is not complete enough. If you think similarly, you are able to contribute by adding some information about Windows Spotlight Quiz in Wikipedia. Of course, the information that you give must be valid so that the source can be trusted.

If you need information about Windows Spotlight Quiz, and some other blogs and sites can be used as well. In the, you are able to find information about Windows Spotlight Quiz. As you can see that in the menu there are Take The Quiz, Quizzes, Tutorials, and Blog.

Windows Spotlight is a feature which is included by default in Windows 10. It downloads pictures and advertisements automatically from Bing and then it displays them when the lock screen is being shown on a computer which runs Windows 10. As a user, you are given a chance to mark whether you wish to see more of fewer images of a similar type. Sometimes, the images are overlaid with links to advertisements. Then, Microsoft started adding the information of location for many of the photographs. Many of the photos are known locations or popular historical or natural landmarks and it can be identified.

Have you ever taken this quiz? This quiz is fun to do and it can also add new knowledge and even test your knowledge so that you will know how far you know about something. If you want to enable Windows Spotlight, you have to change your Lock Screen background in your personal settings by following these steps.

  • The first thing that you have to do is clicking the Start button.
  •  Second, you have to hit the Gear icon that you can find above in the Start Button in the Start menu if it appears.
  • Now, you have to click on Personalization.
  •  You have to click on Lock Screen that you can find in the left hand navigation menu.
  •  In this menu, you will be able to see a drop down menu under Background. After that, choose Windows Spotlight in this drop down menu.

Now, the Windows Spotlight is enabled on your Lock Screen. Every time you turn on or lock your computer, you will be able to see the amazing images by Microsoft.

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