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If you take a quiz in Windows Spotlight, the questions will be about the photo which appears in the Windows Spotlight. Usually, the photo is locations in the world, a theme park, animals and more. If you find questions about Toronto Star, then you need to know about it. So, here we provide you some information about Toronto Star and also some examples of the questions related to Toronto Star.

About Toronto Star

Toronto Star is a broadsheet daily newspaper in Canada. If we see it on 2015 statistics, this newspaper is the highest circulation newspaper on overall weekly circulation even though it is a close second to The Globe and Mail in daily circulation on weekdays. It can overtake the Globe in weekly circulation since the Globe does not publish a Sunday edition. This newspaper is owned by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited which is a subsidiary of Torstar Corporation. It is also a part of Torstar’ Daily News Brands division.

Toronto Star was founded in 1892 as Evening Star by striking Toronto News printers and writers which was led by future Mayor of Toronto and social reformer Horatio Clarence Hocken who became the founder of the newspaper together with another future mayor, Jimmy Simpson. The publisher of this newspaper is John Boynton. The headquarter of this newspaper is in 1 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario M5E 1E6.

Toronto Star Quiz

If the quiz is about Toronto Star, the questions can be about Toronto Star itself or about the news that is published in Toronto Star. If the questions are about Toronto Star itself, the questions will be like these:

  • When did Toronto Star built?
  • Who is the founder of Toronto Star?
  • What was the original name of Toronto Star?
  • Where is the headquarter of Toronto Star?

These questions are just examples so if you think that the questions above are not enough, you are able to read much about Toronto Star.

But, if the questions are about news which are published in Toronto Star, the examples of the questions will be like these:

1.  Mercella Zoia, turned herself in to police after allegedly throwing a chair off a high rise balcony in Toronto. Which of the list below is not a charge she is facing?

a. Common nuisance
b. Mischief endangering human life
c. Destruction of public property
d. Mischief damaging property

2.  This week, Disney launched a trailer for the sequel to which popular movie?

a. Tangled
b. Up
c. Frozen
d. Moana

3. Hamilton police were called to do an investigation after an incident of road rage led to what?

a. One driver firing a gun at another
b. A fishfight involving both drivers and three bystanders
c. One driver throwing a 6-pack of beer at another
d. One driver shooting fireworks into another’s car

So, if the quiz about the news, it will be like in the examples above. It means that you have to be up date about everything from the newspaper so that you will know the answer when you find the questions about news.

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