Windows Spotlight Quiz Not Opening

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If you get Windows Spotlight Quiz not opening on your PC, what will you do with it? Do you ever get the trouble when the Windows Spotlight Quiz is not workable? Or how to fix Windows Spotlight it if is not loading on your PC? If you often get those troubles on your PC, actually finding the ways to repair it is a must for you.

Sometimes, Windows Spotlight does not work on some PC. This is caused from many factors at all both of internal and external factors. This issue makes some users getting disappointed. If it happens, you need to fix it to make it run back normally. The bad news is even the Windows Spotlight can be used for some users and it cannot be fixed as well. So, you have to understand if Windows Spotlight is not working on your PC. That can be caused by technically or unsupported devices as you use.

Talking about Windows Spotlight Quiz, you will be directed into one cool feature of Windows 10 which is seen on your PC when it is locked. It is because Windows Spotlight does not appear every time when you log into your PC. Certainly, you ever see the Windows Spotlight Quiz on your PC. What do you get on Windows Spotlight Quiz?

As we know that Windows Spotlight Quiz will present to you some fun facts about the location of the displayed images on Windows Spotlight. In this case, you will be faced for some questions related to the location of image on the screen. For simple explanation, you will see an awesome picture on Windows Spotlight. Then, you have to checklist the right answer on available multiple choice where the location of the picture is. After answering the question, Windows will offer a Bing to search all sorts of fun facts about the gorgeous location on the pictures.

Unfortunately, not all Windows Spotlight Quiz is work on PC in which it will show error anytime. Unworkable Windows Spotlight Quiz can be varied as well. Here are some factors which influence when the Windows Spotlight Quiz is not opening:

  • Slow internet connection
  • The computer time setting is not valid
  • Non-register Spotlight App
  • Unsupported Windows and computer system
  • The hidden Spotlight image not found
  • File not workable to look for the images
  • Different specification in using PC
  • Crashing software inside

Well, those factors can be mentioned as the cause of Windows Spotlight Quiz not opening at all. Need to know that Windows Spotlight images automatically change the image on users’ lock screen. This feature is available only on Windows 10 and the images are sourced from Bing images. So, the image will change randomly without any setting needed. So, if you get trouble when the Windows Spotlight not opening. The first thing that you have to check is on the connection and the computer systems. In fact, those causes are totally not far from Windows Spotlight quiz not opening. So, it is better for you to keep looking for the some troubles and finding the ways to fix it so that the Windows Spotlight can be used normally.

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