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In the Windows Spotlight, there is the best part which you also like to take. It is a quiz feature which consist of 3 to 5 questions. The questions are about the fun facts and additional info about the Windows Spotlight images. Every question has 3 options and after you chose the answer, you will be given the answer results and information about the question. If you have all the correct answer quiz, you will get rewards. The rewards are in the form of points and then these points can be redeemed for gift cards, nonprofit donations, sweepstakes, and more. If you want to collect the points, you have to register a Microsoft account.

Here, we have the steps to take the Windows Spotlight quiz.

  • You have to click on Take the Quiz links in the lock screen Apps.
  • Then, login to your computer if you have security sign in.
  • After logging in, Microsoft Edge will open automatically and then go to the quiz page.
  • Answer the questions. You need to note that this quiz is just for fun so just answer the question based on your knowledge.
  • After answering the questions, you will get reward points.

The images are usually well known locations, popular historical or natural landmarks such as The White Desert near Farafra, Egypt; Nile River bear Luxor, Egypt; Isalo National Park, Madagascar; Lampung, Indonesia; Bukhansan National Park, South Korea and more. So, the quiz will be about it and it seems that it is seldom about movie.

However, if someday the photo is from a movie or a location that is used in a movie and then the questions are about movie, the example of the questions will be like this.

  •  This park is used as a location of a movie. What movie is it?
  • This movie is popular this year. What is the title of this movie?
  • Who is the main actors of the movie?

Here, we have also some examples of questions about movie that you can learn.

1.  What was the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

a. Iron Man b. Spiderman c. Batman d. The Avengers

2. Which of the movies below was not directed by M. Night Shyamalan?

a. Glass b. The Sixth Sense c. The Ring d. Signs

3. In the movie “Frozen”, who is Olaf?

a. A ghost b. A snowman c. A reindeer d. A knight

4. For which of these movies did Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar for Best Actor?

a. The Revenant b. Blood Diamond c. The Last King of Scotland d. Titanic

5. In the “Godfather” series, where was Vito Corleone born?

a. New York City b. Rome c. Corleone, Sicily d. Athens

So, if the questions are about movie, the questions will be related to the movies including the actors, locations, directors, characters and many more. If you are movie lovers, you will not be difficult when you have to answer the questions about movie. So, take the Windows Spotlight quiz now and prove that you are great. But, if you then get low scores, do not be sad because this quiz is just for fun.

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