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Windows Spotlight quiz can be described as the awesome service provided by Microsoft for the Windows 10 operating system. This one automatically fetch and rotates images on the lock screen of the user. Every photo is sourced from the own Bing Photos of Microsoft and is changed every 24 hours. This kind of service makes the lock screen of Windows 10 more interesting by displaying the pretty, high quality photographs of the exotic locations throughout the world.

In fact, Windows Spotlight does not only display the exotic photos but also includes the useful tips and tricks for the Windows OS. This one makes the recommendations based on the profile of the user. Aside from that, it also shares fun facts about the images. Occasionally, you will also get a fun quiz that you can take. This is why it is called Windows Spotlight quiz.

As stated before, the Windows Spotlight quiz is such a cool feature that most people will only be presented with randomly. This one does not show up every time you log in to your PC. Instead, sometimes you will get the interesting facts about the locations. Other times, you will get the useful Windows tips and tricks. On occasion, you will get the fun trivia question. This kind of quizzlet will include a multiple choice question about the todays’s photo of Windows Spotlight.

For instance, todays’s photo of Windows Spotlight is Taj Mahal, India. You get the quiz based on Taj Mahal. Here are some questions that you might be found:

1. In which Indian city is Taj Mahal located?

a. Agra

b. Nashik

c. Thane

d. Ludhiana

2. Which Mughal Emperor built the Taj Mahal?

a. Akbar

b. Shah Janan

c. Babur

d. Jahangir

3. About how many years did it take to build the main body of Taj Mahal?

a. 12

b. 10

c. 14

d. 16

4. Of what material is out the Taj Mahal mainly made?

a. Ivory

b. Gray stone

c. While marble

d. Gold painted stone

5. When did the Taj Mahal become the UNESCO World Heritage Site?

a. In 1954

b. In 1889

c. In 1943

d. In 1983

After answering all the questions, Windows will offer the Bing web search with all sort of fun facts about the location. Fortunately, you are able to earn the rewards points by taking Windows Spotlight quiz. In the end, you are able to redeem the points to a gift card, Microsoft product.

How to turn on Windows Spotlight? Turning on Windows Spotlight is really easy. All that you need to do is to change the lock screen background in the personal settings. In order to do this, here are the steps. First, click the Start button. Second, press the Gear icon located above the Start button. Third, click on Personalization. Fourth, click on Lock Screen. Fifth, you will be able to see the drop down menu under Background. Choose Windows Spotlight in the drop down menu.

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