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Google is a search engine that is used by a lot of people in the world. Google is easy to use and even the display of it is very simple. There, you are able to search everything and Google will give you the answer. If you search about Windows Spotlight Quiz, you can also use Google as your search engine.

If you search about Windows Spotlight Quiz, you will be able to be given a lot of results including about the general information about it, how to fix error, how to enable the Windows Spotlight, how to take the quiz and many more. Even in the first page of the result, Google give you recommended videos from Youtube that you can watch related to the things that you are looking for. When you search Windows Spotlight in Google, those recommended videos are How To Reset Windows Spotlight Preferences In Windows 10Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Is Stuck on the Same PictureFIX: Windows Spotlight Not Working in Windows 10 and many more.

Besides videos, there are also “People Also Ask” section above the recommended videos that you can find in the first page of your search. In the “People Also Ask”, there will be questions with the answers related to Windows Spotlight such as:

  • How do I turn Windows Spotlight in Windows 10?
  • Where are windows spotlight pictures taken?
  • How do I enable Windows spotlight?
  • How to I change Windows spotlight settings?

If you have the same question as given above, then you can click on it in Google.

Windows Spotlight Quiz is a feature which is awesome and it is provided by Microsoft for the Windows 10 operating system. On a user’s lock screen, Spotlight will automatically fetch and rotates images. You may be curious from where the images are. Images are sourced from Microsoft’s own Bing Photos and changed every 24 hours. By having this service, now Windows 10 Lock Screen is more interesting because it displays pretty, high quality photographs of exotic locations throughout the world.

It is important for you to know that it does not only show exotic images, but it also includes tips and tricks which are useful for the Windows OS. This app makes recommendations based on the profile of the user. Also, it shares fun facts about the images and you will get a fun quiz called Windows Spotlight Quiz. This quiz is an amazing feature that most people will only be presented with randomly.

You need to know that the quiz does not come up every time you log into your PC. The quiz will be in the form of multiple choice question about that day’s Windows Spotlight image. If you finish in answering it, then Windows will offer a Bing web search with all sorts of fun facts about that location. To make you more motivated, you are able to earn rewards points by taking windows spotlight quiz and then you are able to redeem your points to a gift card, Microsoft product.

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