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Besides available on YouTube and the screen of computers, evidently, the Windows Spotlight quiz is also provided on Facebook. Unfortunately, the quiz appearance and the content is not as same as on the computer’s screen. If you get the quiz on computer’s screen completed with attractive futuristic images, but not on Facebook. You just can get the questions about Windows that you must answer.

As we know that Windows Spotlight Quiz can be mentioned as the best part of Windows feature. In this chance, you will get fun facts and also the additional knowledge for about the Windows Spotlight images and the questions at all. Generally, the Windows Spotlight consists of 3 – 5 questions and the each question has 3 choices. The good news is if you are correct in answering the all quiz, actually you will get the rewards. So, the Windows Spotlight Quiz is not just for fun and serves inviting images, but also you can get any rewards as you give the answers.

Windows Spotlight Quiz Facebook

How to Take Windows Spotlight Quiz

If you want to get rewards on answering the Windows Spotlight Quiz, actually you have to know how to take the quiz is. It is needed for you if you want to increase your knowledge by answering all quizzes about Windows Spotlight. Here are the ways to take Windows Spotlight Quiz:

  1. First, you have to lock the screen of your computer.
  2. Second, the screen will display by showing the images.
  3. Third, on your computer screen, click ‘Take the Quiz’ links.
  4. Then, you have to login to your computers account if you secure it.
  5. After that, the Microsoft Edge will open and go to the quiz page automatically.
  6. The next, you will see some images included the questions.
  7. In this step, you must answer the questions showed on your screen.
  8. After you answer all quizzes and they are correct, you will get the rewards. Note: the rewards can vary for every user.
  9. Finally, by redeeming your rewards, actually the step is totally done. Congratulations for your rewards!

Aside from that, you can also take the Windows Spotlight quiz on Facebook. Unfortunately, it can be different from if you take the quiz on your lock screen. But, if you are so curios, we will share it for you. We just show some of Windows Spotlight Quiz provided on Facebook. The Quizzes are generally related to the all about Windows both of programs or windows display. The quizzes will be showed in the text below!

1. The first screen of Windows is called?

a. Desktop
b. Tabletop
c. Palmtop

2. Which the program that provides the user’s access to delete the files?

a. Windows Explorer
b. Internet Explorer
c. Windows Manager

3. The Windows Task Manager will appear after which key?

a. Control+Alt+Delete
b. Control+Alt+Insert
c. Control+Alt+Space

4. What the program which allow the user to modify the computer’s settings?

a. System Information
b. Control Panel
c. Command Prompt

5. Which of the following programs is not a browser?

a. Chrome
b. Internet Explorer
c. Windows Explorer

Now, you already know about the Windows Spotlight Quiz Facebook in which the source is so limited as well. If you want to know for more detail, you do not hesitate to keep looking for the sources related to Windows Spotlight Quiz on the internet and more.

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