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Windows 10 is known as the feature included by default in Windows 10. This one will download pictures and advertisements automatically from Bing and will display them when the lock screen is being shown on the computer running Windows 10.

There is a rumor stated that Windows Spotlight is stuck on one image or Windows 10 Spotlight is not working after the recent update like Windows 10 1803. Is that true? Before anything, it is better for you to get to know the update of Windows 10 like Windows 1803.

Windows 10 1803 is the name of fifth main update to Windows 10 and the fourth in the series of updates under the Redstone codenames. This one carries the build number 10.0.17134. The first review of this Windows was released to the Insiders on August 31, 2017. As for the the final release, it was made available to Windows Insiders on April 16, 2018, followed by the public release on April 30, and started to roll out on May 8.

When you have selected Windows 10 Spotlight feature for the lock screen but it does not change the images regularly, rather it only shows one picture, then you must fine the way to fix the issue. The sad news is that Windows 10 does not include the option to reset this feature. However, it is possible to fix the Windows Spotlight 1803 with the simple workaround.

Please take a note that the feature named Windows Spotlight is available only when your PC is connected to the internet. Basically, the pictures on the lock screen will change automatically every day to day if you are connected to the internet. When the PC is connected to the network, it may not download Windows Spotlight images to reduce the data usage. You are recommended to check and turn off if the metered connection enabled. In order to do this, open Settings > Network and Internet > Status > Change Connection Properties > scroll down and toggle off button under set as metered connection.

Aside from that, before trying out any methods, it is better for you to turn off Windows Spotlight and then turn it on again. If you want to do this, you have to open Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen, and then choose Picture option as background and then choose Windows Spotlight.

If you want to tweak it from File Explorer, here are the steps that should be done:

1. Open the File Explorer by pressing Windows + E, switch to the View tab, checkmark on hidden items and now navigate to.

2. In the above path, please change “C” with the drive letter of the drive where Windows 10 is installed and change “UserName” with your real username.

3. Press Ctrl+A in order to choose all the files and then press the Delete key.

4. Navigate C:\Users\”UsersNAme\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1htxyewy\Settings.

5. Under the Setting folder, find two files named roaming.lock and settings.dat. Choose both of them and delete them. Then, reboot your PC and Windows Spotlight should start working again now.

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