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As the feature of Windows, actually Spotlight can be one of the interesting elements that every computer must have. It is because Spotlight can be used for entertainment when you are in front of the screen. The attractive and beautiful image will be successful to attract lots of Windows users. As the time goes by, the spotlight images on Windows have changed both of the size or the resolution. Certainly, the resolution of spotlight image on Windows 7 will be different from the image on Windows 10. This is a topic that we will describe on this page.

On Windows 10, the image display will be keeping your lock screen of your computer more gorgeous and inviting to look. The images on Windows 10 are featured to get personalized slideshow in Windows Spotlight. So, it is no wonder if the images, pictures, and background on Windows 10 are prettier than previous Windows. How about the Windows Spotlight on the background? Actually, the background on your computer will make you amazed to look the Windows Spotlight that present a kind of admirableness.

You may think that the size and the resolution of Windows 10 Spotlight images are same as the previous images. But, your guess is totally not right yet. Indeed, Windows 10 Spotlight image has been developed to be bilder/bigger both of the size and the resolution.

The size of Windows 10 Spotlight Image

The first topic that we will explain is about the size of Windows 10 Sotlight image. The size here means the standard of the images on display Windows. As the title of this article in which the Windows 10 Spotlight images are bilder than Windows 7 Spotlight. For now, Windows 10 uses pixe; measurement for the images about 1920 x 1080. Meanwhile, the pixel of 1366 x 768 is the highest size of Windows 7 Spotlight images. Here are the examples of Windows 10 Spotlight Bilder that you can see on your computer:

How to Get Windows 10 Spotlight Bilder

This way can be called as the crucial thing if you want to use the images for your Windows Spotlight. Here are the ways that you can do on finding the Windows 10 SPotlight bilder:

  1. First, open your computer. Search File Explorer. Click Options.
  2. Second, a folder that you are looking for will appear immediately.
  3. Third, click the View tab. Choose the “show hidden files, folders and drives’. Then, click Apply.
  4. After that, you have to go to This PC, select Local Disk C, click users > Appdata > local > packages > Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy > LocalState. Then, click Assets.
  5. In this step, you must copy the most recent large files to another folder.
  6. Then, rename the files and add the files suffix .jpg in the end of file names.
  7. Finally, you can see the images of Windows 10 Spotlight in any image editor on your computer

Now, you can set the Windows 10 Spotlight bilder to make your computer more attractive and enchanting look when the screen is locked. So, it is the good time for you to do the ways in order to increase your mood in your daily work. Good Luck!

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