Who Can Go Into the “Forbidden Zone” in the Game of Tchoukball While Holding a Ball?

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In the game called Tchoukball, there is a thing called forbidden zone. The term is used to call a semicircle with a three meter or 9.9 ft radius that is placed in front of each rebound surface. The one who is able to go into the forbidden zone in the Tchoukball is a player who has just thrown the ball on the frame, passed the ball, or solicited a pass. In all the cases, the player may not be allowed to touch the ground while holding the ball.


The story of Tchoukball started around the year 1970 when a doctor from Swiss who treated sportsmen known as Dr. Hermann Brandt started to realize that most of the injuries that appeared to him of athletes was because the sports had movements that did harm human body and also in some cases there was even violence among the players due to contact.

Who Can Go Into the “Forbidden Zone”

That was the idea of Tchoukball was created from that moment and made it as a healthy alternative replacing the other sports, promoting peace and the spirit of help among the players, making it a lot of fun and recreational. Right now, there are a couple of teams of Tchoukball and there is even a world competition for the players. The game is well loved by both males and females.


For the team with the possession of the ball, you will have to throw the ball off the rebound surface after a maximum of three passes. Once the surface is hit by the ball, the ball needs to touch the floor that is located outside of the forbidden zone in order to score a point. If the other team manages to catch the ball before it hits the floor, neither team scores and the game keeps going.

For the defensive team, you will need to catch the ball after the rebound surface is hit and before it touches the floor. In order to do so, every team member has to constantly put himself according to the passes of the offensive team. Intercepting the ball or interfering with the other team is not allowed.

Technical information

The court and the players

  • 1st solution

Size of the court: 132 x 66 ft

Number of players: 9 players per team

Length of time: Men: 3 x 15 min Women or Mixed: 3 x 12 min

  • 2nd solution

Size of the court: 66 x 36 ft

Number of players: 7 players per team

Length of time: Men: 3 x 15 min Women or Mixed: 3 x 12 min

Materials needed

There are only two materials needed to play Tchoukball, those are:

  • A Tchoukball ball
  • Two rebound surfaces (3.3 ft x 3.3 ft frame with 55 degree incline)

The rebound surfaces are put at the opposite side of the court.


  • Since there are no designed sides, each time is able to shoot the ball at either rebound.
  • It is not allowed to intercept a pass from the other team.
  • Before the shot, there are no more than three passes.
  • There are no more than three steps.


A player earns a point for his team if they bounce the ball off the rebound surface in that way that it cannot be caught by the other team before it touches the floor.

The point should be given to the other team if the player:

  • Misses the rebound surface when he shoots the ball.
  • Causes the ball bounce out of bounds.
  • Shoots the ball and it re-bounces, touching him.
  • Sends the ball into the forbidden zone, whether before or after it hits the rebound area.


There should be a penalty if the player:

  • Moves while he is dribbling the ball on the floor or juggling it in the air.
  • Takes more than three footsteps on the floor while in possession of the ball.
  • Plays using some parts of the body below the knees.
  • Makes a fourth pass for the team.
  • Makes contact with the floor out of bounds or is in the forbidden area while holding the ball.
  • Drops the ball after it is handed to him.
  • Intentionally or unintentionally catches a pass from the opponent.
  • Catches a ball off of the rebound surface that was shot by one of the team members.
  • Blocks the other teams from moving or stops them from freely passing the ball once they have earned possession.

Method to play

In order to play Tchoukball, you will have to get two official Tchoukball rebound surfaces and a handball ball. This sport is held on a handball court with 20 x 40 meters or about 66 feet by 132 feet between two teams that consist of 9 players. It can also be played on a basketball court between teams that have 6 or 7 players. The rebound surfaces that are able to be used by both teams are located at each end of the court. Each of them is within a semi-circle line with a 3 meter or 9.9 feet radius. This one is called the forbidden zone.

The team that has possession of the ball has three chances to pass the ball before being forced to shoot it at the rebound surface on any end of the court. The players of the opponent team have to place themselves according to the place where they think the ball would land, they will have to catch it before it touches the floor. On the other hands, the ones of the players from the other team look to position themselves to recover the ball after it rebounds from the thing called the rebound surface, before the ball can touch the floor. Keep in mind that during the course of the game, no one is allowed to interfere with players of the other team, they are not allowed to intercept passes, they are not allowed to bother with the movements of the person who has the ball or his teammates, and they are not allowed to stop a defender from positioning himself to catch the ball after the rebound.

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