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What is your personal style? Do you think your outfits reflect who you are as a person? What kind of outfits should you wear according to your personality? Get the result by taking this quiz.

1. Do you prepare special costume for Halloween?

a. Every year
b. Only if I’m going to a party that needs it
c. No, I do not like dressing up in a costume

2. What is the first thing that you want to do when you see a rainbow?

a. Smile and move on
b. Take a picture of it
c. Sit down and watch it for a while
d. Point it out to someone else so they can see it too

3. What do you do when your friend is about to buy a very ugly outfit?

a. Tell them that it is hideous
b. Try to point out something I think they will like more
c. Do nothing because it is their shirt and their money

4. What logo would you most likely to wear on an outfit?

a. The logo of my favorite band
b. The logo of my favorite game
c. The logo of my favorite designer

5. Do you love playing games on your phone?

a. Yes. I am addicted to it.
b. I love playing them occasionally.
c. No. They are a waste of time.
d. I do not have a phone.

6. Do you trust people easily?

a. Yes. I believe that most people are basically kind.
b. No. My trust is hard to earned.
c. Yes but it is also easily lost.

7. Do you wear a watch?

a. Yes
b. Why would I wear a watch? You can always see that on your phone.
c. Occasionally, if it goes with my outfit.

8. Which type of dance do you prefer?

a. Tap
b. Ballet
c. Hip hop
d. Line dancing

9. Do you gamble?

a. Sometimes. It can be fun.
b. Never. I might as well throw away my money.
c. Only small bets with friends, like on the big game.

10. Who are you the closest to?

a. A parent
b. A sibling
c. A significant other
d. A friend
e. Myself

11. How often do you do dishes?

a. After each meal
b. Once a day
c. Whenever I have a dirty dish.
d. I never do the dishes. I have someone else to do them.

12. Which one do you wear the most often?

a. Jeans
b. Business suits
c. Skirts
d. Dresses

13. Which one is your favorite season?

a. Winter
b. Spring
c. Summer
d. Autumn

14. Which accessory would you rather wear?

a. Pearls
b. Lots of beads
c. Heavy black eyeliner
d. A beige or white designer handbag
e. None of these appeal to me.

15. Which one do you prefer?

a. A bungalow on the beach
b. A cottage in the woods
c. A 100 acre ranch in Arizona
d. A castle in Ireland

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