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Everyone has their own personal style when it comes to the outfit. What if your personal style? For those who have a hard time on finding your personal style, you can take this quiz to find out.

1. What is your Saturday morning uniform?

a. Khakis and a button down shirt
b. Skin tight leggings and a cute v-neck top
c. Comfortable blue jeans and a plain white tee
d. Black boot cut yoga pants and matching jacket
e. A comfortable and colorful ethnic tunic and a pair of thick tights
f. Skin tight black jeans and a black tank top

2. What shoes do you prefer?

a. A pair of ballet flats
b. A pair of colorful trainers
c. A pair of high heels
d. A pair of Danskos
e. A pair of motorcycle boots
f. I will go barefoot, weather permitting. If not, a pair of riding boots

3. What will you wear to watch a movie?

a. A onesie in a tiny print, with a jean jacket and cowboy boots
b. Leggings and an oversized sweater
c. A pair of velvery cords and cashmere twin set
d. A baggy shirt dress, tights, and hunter boots
e. Dressy skintight jeans, a fitted tee, and stiletto heels
f. A leotard, ripped jeans, thigh-high boots, and an armful of bracelets.

4. Which one best describe the look you most go often go for?

a. Sexy and sultry
b. Hot and edgy
c. Carefree and funky
d. Feminine and polished
e. Clean and elegant
f. Comfortable and casual

5. Which one is your eye drawn to first when you are shopping for a new dress?

a. A vintage dress from the 50s of 60s
b. A flowing tea length gown in a kinky print
c. A body hugging sequined one, perfect for clubbing
d. A conservative little black dress, perfect for cocktails
e. A figure flattering wrap dress in a dark color, the sort of thing that you are able to wear anywhere
f. A very short black jersey dress with cutout batwing sleeves

6. Do you like showing cleavage?

a. Always
b. Often
c. Sometimes
d. Rarely
e. Never

7. Which of the following hairstyles would you slay?

a. A sleek bob
b. A head full of wild curls, even an Afro
c. A tousled pixie cut
d. Long, luscious locks, in a conventional color, like brown, red, or blonde
e. Long, luscious locks in an unconventional color like purple
f. Something versatile, like long layers to may shoulders, so I could wear it up or down

8. Which style do you avoid the most?

a. Frills
b. Bold prints
c. Loose or baggy clothing
d. All black clothing
e. Anything that looks conservative
f. Synthetic, form fitting fibers

9. What is your favorite accessory?

a. A tough attitude
b. Bright red lipstick
c. A colorful scarf
d. A sleek, expensive handbag
e. An invisible hair clip to keep my hair smooth and put of my face
f. A large piece of ethnic jewelry

10. Which one is you?

a. Proper
b. Sexy
c. Simple
d. Edgy

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