What is CrystalDiskInfo and is It Safe?

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CrystalDiskInfo is the name of the app that will help you to keep the hard drive of your PC healthy. It supports S.M.A.R.T technology. The program is really good to detect and prevent future disk surface error so you are able to take timely action before data loss becomes something that cannot be replaced.

Before trying the program called CrystalDiskInfo, you might be wondering about one thing: Is it safe for your device? A lot of people have used this one and many even recommended it as they think it is good. So, for those who are planning to try this out, do not worry as it is safe.

CrystalDiskInfo is such a perfect one, showing you all types of detailed information about the hard disk, from the brand and model to the buffer and cache size, the serial number, or even the firmware it uses. A color scheme used by the program warns you about how dangerous the state of the disk is. Basically, if you notice that the temperature or some specific action crosses the limits of what you think appropriate, it may be time for you to get to work and make the appropriate backups.

Full Specification


Publisher: Crystal Dew World

Publisher web site: http://crystalmark.info/?lang=en

Release date: March 15, 2020

Date added: April 07, 2020

Version: 8.4.2

Category: Utilities and operating systems

Subcategory: Diagnostics software

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019.
  • Architecture: x86/x64/ARM64
  • IE: 8.0~
  • .NET: 2.0~
  • Installer does not support Windows XP/2003 (NT5.x)
  • Not support Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000
  • Not support Server Core

Main details of CrystalDiskInfo:

  • Last update was on April, 07, 2020
  • There has been one update within the past of 6months
  • Has the ability to view HDD information and monitor disk temperature

CrystalDiskInfo offers you a detail readout of all your computer’s SMART information. Aside from that, it also gives you a current temperature and health status. From the dashboard, you are able to see a long list of up-to-date system data. With it, you are going to know when things are doing fine and if something is going not right.

Just like any other things, CrystalDiskInfo has advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage that sets it apart from the others is alerts and options. You are able to configure the program in order to send you Alerts in the event that there is an issue in one of the systems being monitored. The Sound Alerts or the Mail Alerts can be turned on. On top of that, you are also able to adjust how frequently the program refreshes its data. The other preference options are choosing how long the program waits if you want to open after startup, as well as turning on or off the auto-detection feature.

The second plus point of CrystalDiskInfo is the fact that it has a clear interface. This one provides a clear interface that makes it easy for everyone to find what they are looking for. The Temperature and the general Health Status of the computer are shown prominently at the top of the page, while the lower part of the interface displays a list of all the SMART information the program is compiling.

However, CrystalDiskInfo is not perfect. As stated before, it has advantages and disadvantages. One of its weaknesses is no explanations. You are not going to get much information from this app, unless you already know what you are looking at and what you are looking for. The Help feature to accompany the program does not exist, and there are no explanations for any of the data shown.

Aside from the CrystalDiskInfo, you might have heard about the CrystalDiskMark. Is CrystalMarkInfo different compared to CrystalDiskMark? If yes, then what makes them different?

Some people believe that CrystalDiskInfo gives you everything that CrystalDiskMark does not, for your SSD, HDD, or USB drive. While CrystalDiskMark offers benchmarking, CrystalDiskInfo gives a full overview of all related drives. By using CrystalDiskInfo, you will be given some important disk information, such as Spin-Up Time, Spin Retry Count, Power Cycle Count, Seek Error Rare, Disk Temperature, Power On Count & Hours, and some other ones.

CrystalDiskInfo is an expert when it comes to giving you a good thing at your drive and allows you to make judgment on if you have to check your disk for any error one day. This program comes bundled with SMART information and some other more advanced diagnostics available under the Function menu. Apart from your default, there are also some extra drives, which is as simple as clicking on them in the menu across the top. Just like CrystalDiskMark, CrystalDiskInfo is also available as a hard installation or a portable application.

If you are interested in CrystalDiskInfo, you can find the latest version of it at https://crystalmark.info/download/index-e.html. It is available to download for free, so get it now if you need it. downloading the portable version is best because it is able to run without an installation, and it also does not feature the third party apps, like the full CrystalDiskInfo installer. Once you have downloaded the .zip file, you can just extract all of its content and run the DiskInfo app. DiskInfox64 is available for 64-bit Windows and DiskInfo is available for 32-bit Windows.

When the CrystalDiskInfo runs for the first time, it will show you the SMART status for all of your hard drives immediately. If the Health Status is good, it means the disk is probably OK. On the bottom half of the app Window, there are 15 different metrics CrystalDiskInfo takes into consideration that can be used to predict the hard drive failure. A few of them are simple statistics, such as the Power-On Hours, the Start/Stop Count, or the Power Cycle Count. Meanwhile, some others like Reallocated Sectors Count or the Read Error Rate are more serious metrics.

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