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You may be still strange with the name of sxstrace.exe tool that you can find on your computer programs. Whereas, the sxstrace.exe tool can be opted to fix some error messages that may appear on Windows. So, it is time to find out all about sxstrace.exe tool which is useful for you.

What is Command Line sxstrace.exe Tool?

Sxstrace.exe or well-known as a Sxs Tracing Tool is one of command-line tools that you can use to fix some errors that may occur on Windows 10. Moreover, sxstrace.exe definitely uses the .exe file extension to more specifically indicate the tracing tool. This tool is classified as a Win32 exe (Executable Application) file which was created for Microsoft® Windows® Operating System by Microsoft.

Sxstrace.exe first was released for Windows on November 9, 2006 in Windows Vista. The latest version update for Windows was on Windows 10 which was released on July 29, 2015. Furthermore, sxstrace.exe is included in Windows 10, Windows 8 versions and Windows 8.1.

General Information

  • File Name: sxstrace.exe
  • File Extension: EXE file extension
  • Object File Type: Executable application
  • File Operating System: Windows NT 32-bit
  • Description: Sxs Tracing Tool
  • MIME Type: application/octet-stream

File Details

  • Language Code: English (U.S.)
  • Character Set: Unicode
  • File Flags: (none)
  • Code Size: 22016
  • Entry Point: 0x5460
  • File Flags Mask: 0x003f

Sxstrace.exe Error Messages

You  may find some error messages when you run command-line sxstrace.exe. However, sxstrace.exe can happen during runtime for Windows errors. Moreover, Runtime is definitely self-explanatory in which these exe errors are triggered when sxstrace.exe is tried to be loaded either when Windows is starting up. In some cases, sxstrace.exe is already running.

Need to know that runtime errors are the most common error form of exe error that you will confront using Windows. For some cases, sxstrace.exe runtime errors occur while the program is running to result in the program terminating abnormally. Apart from those cases, most of the sxstrace.exe error messages are unable to locate this file on startup or the file is corrupt. Then, Windows will be disable to start without resolving these errors.

So, here are the most common sxstrace.exe errors  that you find:

  • sxstrace.exe could not be started.
  • Error starting program: sxstrace.exe.
  • Faulting Application Path: sxstrace.exe
  • sxstrace.exe could not be found.
  • sxstrace.exe could not be installed.
  • sxstrace.exe could not be launched. Class not registered.
  • sxstrace.exe is not a valid Win32 application.
  • sxstrace.exe is not running.
  • Cannot find sxstrace.exe.
  • sxstrace.exe – Bad Image.
  • sxstrace.exe Application Error.
  • sxstrace.exe failed to initialize properly.
  • The file sxstrace.exe is missing or corrupt.
  • Windows failed to start – sxstrace.exe.

After all, finding the sources of the sxstrace.exe error is such a main key to resolve these errors. Even though most of these exe errors influencing xstrace.exe will occur during startup, you will confront a runtime error while using Microsoft® Windows® Operating System.

Indeed, it can occur because of poor programming on behalf of Microsoft Corporation which conflicts with other software or third party plugins. Besides, it can be caused by damaged and outdated hardware at all. The types of sxstrace.exe errors can also happen if it has been deleted, moved or corrupted by a malware infection. Of course, it is critical to ensure your anti-virus is kept up to date by scanning regularly.

How to Fix sxstrace.exe Errors

If you face one of the error messages for sxstrace.exe, it is a good time for you to look for the ways in fixing sxstrace.exe errors. At least, there are three solutions that you can take to fix it, here they are:

Solution 1: Restore Your PC or Back Up Image Before Error Happened

To restore your PC back to the latest restore point, you need to follow our steps below!

  • First, go to the Windows Start button.
  • Then, type System Restore on the search box, then press Enter.
  • Once you are in the search result, find System Restore and click it.
  • Then, enter the administrator password.
  • Follow the steps in the System Restore Wizard to select a relevant restore point.
  • Last, you can restore your computer to backup images.

Solution 2: Run System File Checker

If the solution 1 cannot resolve your problem, taking the second solution is really a must for you. In solution 2, you are recommended to use System File Checker. This is a utility included with every Windows version which allows you to scan and restore corrupted system files. Here are the steps to run System File Checker:

  • Firstly, go to the Windows Start button.
  • Then, type “cmd” in the search box. (Don’t press Enter)
  • After that, you need to press and hold CTRL + Shift at the same time on your keyboard while pressing Enter.
  • You will be automatically prompted with a permission dialog box.
  • Then, in the box, click Yes. In this case, you must have a black screen with a blinking cursor.
  • On the black screen, type  “sfc /scannow”. Then, press Enter.
  • In this step, SFC will begin to scan for sxstrace.exe issues and any other system file problems.
  • Last, you have to follow any on-screen commands to complete the process.

Please be patient when you run the System File Checker because it may take a while.

Solution 3: Perform a Windows Update

This solution definitely runs when the solution 1 and solution 2 really cannot solve the problem. Then, you have to consider to run Windows Update. However, there are a lot of sxstrace.exe error messages which are confronted to contribute to an outdated Windows Operating System. To perform Windows Updated, you can follow some steps below!

  • First, you need to go to the Windows Start button.
  • Then, type Update in the search box, then press Enter.
  • Click Check for Updates in the Windows Update dialog box. (This step may be different on your Windows version)
  • If the updates are available for download, you can click Install Updates.
  • Once the update is completed, it is time to restart your PC.

Well, those are some ways that you can fix sxstrace.exe errors that may occur on your computer. Keep in mind that you do not miss a step above in fixing sxstrace.exe errors because the way may be failed when you do not follow those ways correctly. Good Luck!!!

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