What Country Was Tchoukball Invented in by Dr. Hermann Brandt?

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The name of the country where the Tchoukball was invented by Dr, Hermann Brandt is Switzerland. Since it is not that popular unlike football, basketball, and so on, by any chance, do you want to know more about this sport including the story, the rules, and everything else? Do not miss the chance to feed your brain by reading the whole page.

History of Tchoukball

The story of Tchoukball started around the year of 1970. It was when a doctor from Swiss who treated sportsmen named Dr. Hermann Brandt started to realize that most of the injuries that appeared to him of athletes was because the sports had movements that did harm human body and also in some cases there was even violence among the players due to contact.

What Country Was Tchoukball Invented in by Dr. Hermann Brandt

That was the first time when he came out with the idea to create Tchoukball and made it as a healthy alternative replacing the other sports, promoting peace and the spirit of help among the players, making it a lot of fun and recreational.

Dr. Hermann Brant used to be an eminent Swiss biologist. After making discussion about his concerns in the book entitled From Physical Education to Sport Through Biology, he presented the well-known paper named A Scientific Criticism of Team Games that made him won the award called the Thulin Prize presented at the University of Lisbon on August 16th 1970. Within this paper, he explored the methods to make the perfect team game while also paying attention to reducing the injury. The sport Tchoukball was born from this.

The term Tchoukball was from the “tchouk”. For those who have no idea, it is the sound of the ball rebounding from a tchoukball frame. Mr. Brandt felt this would be universally accepted. Unfortunately, he left this world in November, 2972 before he saw some of his dream came true.

Just like most games, Tchoukball can be traced to humble beginnings and periods of slow development before getting established as a national and international sport. This one has taken time and patience to make people believe that this is unique and it is the one sport for all.

Despite all the things, there are a couple of teams of Tchoukball and there is even a world competition for the players. The game is widely loved by both male and female. Apparently, the ones who always dominate the show are the Chinese.

Tchoukball court

There are some variations of the measurements of a Tchoukball court and the most used ones are 27 meters long by 16 meters wide. Once again, these measurements may vary, especially in the different variations such as in the beach version of the sport. It is able to be played in a pavilion, on the beach, or even on a grass in front of your house.

At every edge, you should place a frame that looks like a trampoline that has a slope of 55 degrees. In front of it, there should be a place that consists of a semicircle with a radius of 3 meters. This one is called a forbidden zone. It can mark the limit where the players are able to step on both attack and defense.


In al competitions, the size and weight of the ball are different depending on genders and ages of the players. It ranges from 54 cm to 60 cm in circumference and with a weight of 325 grams to 475 grams.

Tchoukball game

The aim of Tchoukball is to score more points than the opponents, making a pitch for the frame and fall to the ground after the ball hits it without being caught by the opponent.

Each team must consist of a maximum of 12 players while only 7 are in the field to play the game. The game is divided into three parts of 15 minutes with intervals in between.

In a team, there are 2 right wings and 2 left wings, and 2 Pivot. The first Pivot is in front of a painting and the Central Pivot is the name that distributes the game and is in the middle of the court.

The attacker team has the right to make 3 passes until decides to try to finish everything and when its turn to make the passes the other are not allowed to try to intercept or to be involved in some way in the move, the only right is to get the ball coming from the frame.

Basic rules of Tchoukball

Tchoukball is such a simple game with only a few rules. A player or a team that is trying to finish gives the team the point in the situations such as:

  • The frame is missed at the time of the throw
  • It is the reason that cause the ball to fall out of player after completion
  • The player finishes and returns the ball
  • The player ends up making a mistake by causing the ball to fall into the forbidden zone before or after the throw

The thing is considered a fault when:

  • The player moves by dribbling with the ball in the ground or in the air.
  • The effect lasts more than three, passes with possession ball.
  • The player plays using lower limbs that is below waist level.
  • The player makes fourth pass in favor of his team.
  • It makes contact with the ground outside the boundaries of the playing field or the forbidden area, in possession of the ball.
  • The player drops the ball in the act of a pass or reception.
  • The player voluntarily intercepts a pass from the opposite side.
  • The player picks up the ball after the completion of a teammate.
  • The movement of the opponent is obstructed or the free trajectory of the ball when it is done the possession of the opponent.

Fouls have to be charged in the cases where they were made or where the ball were dropped by the player if that was the case.

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