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Apparently, there are lots of people who look for the information about vocabulary quiz for college grads. If you also want to know that information, so we suggest you to try taking the quiz. Of course, there are many sites offer vocabulary quiz for college. Even, on Bing, you will be able to join the quiz.

If you go to Bing, there you can search lots of quizzes you want. If you want to try taking the vocabulary quiz for college on Bing quiz, so you are able to search and find the quiz. We think that it is very benefit for you to learn more information regarding vocabulary quiz for college before you decide to join or take the quiz. You do not worry about that, here we have some example for Vocabulary quiz for College Grads.

We get information that there are many people who have already join this vocabulary quiz for college in Bing quiz. But, there are also many people who take the quiz from other sites. Now, let us try to test your knowledge about vocabulary for college. After you answer all the questions, then you are going to get your scores. You will be able to know how much your knowledge about the vocabulary for college grads. If you get a high score after you take this Quiz, you may want to share your high score to your social media like Facebook or twitter. But, if you have a low scores, you do not be sad, you can still join the quiz later.

1. Which of these is NOT an admission test to get into college


2. A student’s main area of study in college

A. major
B. minor
C. suburban
D. higher education

3. A student’s secondary area of study (less than the main area)

A. major
B. minor
C. transcript
D. tuition

4. A document which records all of your classes and grades in high school and college

A. transcript
B. transfer student
C. private
D. financial aid

5. Money given or loaned to you to help pay for college

A. financial aid
C. scholarship
D. associate degree

6. 2 year college degree

A. associate’s degree
B. bachelor’s degree
C. master’s degree
D. doctoral degree

7. 4 year college degree

A. bachelor’s degree
B. associate’s degree
C. master’s degree
D. doctoral degree

8. 2 more years of college after having a bachelor’s degree

A. associate’s degree
B. bachelor’s degree
C. master’s degree
D. doctoral degree

9. highest level of education

A. associate’s degree
B. bachelor’s degree
C. master’s degree
D. doctoral degree

10. a teacher in college

A. professor
B. teacher
C. genius

11. how much a class is worth

A. course hours
B. internship
D. admission test

12. the cost of college

A. tuition
B. internship
C. rural
D. graduate

13. Money, you don’t pay back, that was earned for college based on your grades, sports, volunteering, or work

A. financial aid
B. scholarship
D. private school

14. Free Application for Federal Student Aid


15. working for a short time to gain experience

A. internship
B. lecture
C. course credit
D. transfer student

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