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Do you want to try taking a very hardest vocabulary quiz? If you want to try testing your knowledge about your vocabulary, so you are able to test now. Apparently, there are many site offer vocabulary quiz. Even, you are able also try taking a hardest vocabulary quiz on Bing.

Now, we have some examples of questions for very hardest vocabulary quiz. Before you decide to take the quiz, we suggest you to learn more about these examples of questions. We think that these examples of questions will help you to get a high score. Let us see the text below.

1. What does “charisma” mean?

A. Feeling alive
B. Having a good personality
C. Lively, engaging personality
D. Having care about everything

2. What does “absurd” mean?

A. Up in the air
B. Silly, unreasonable
C. Thoughtless
D. Cranky

3. What does “enact” mean?

A. To pretend, to imagine
B. To stop an action
C. To pass out, to distribute
D. To perform, to act out

4. Which sentence uses the word “marvel” correctly?

A. We rolled some marvels around on the ground.
B. The marvel girl did some amazing things.
C. He marveled at the famous singer, awed by the beautiful music.
D. The audience gave many applause, many marvel.

5. Which sentence does NOT use “demonstrate” correctly?

A. My brother demonstrated how to use the lawn mower, but I have already knew how.
B. Do you can demonstrate how to do that?
C. The children do not learn any things on their own. The Parents and the teachers demonstrate how to do many things.
D. We believe that the educational demonstrate came out very well.

6. What does “caution” mean?

A. A sign
B. Being caught
C. A warning
D. A label

7. What does “vapor” mean?

A. Mountain air
B. Air before it rains
C. Air after it rains
D. Mist or gas

8. What does “inhalation” mean?

A. A sudden breath
B. An in-breath
C. A slow breath
D. An out-breath

9. Which sentence uses “avoid” correctly?

A. He has plenty of avoid techniques. He’s not very social.
B. He does not like to concentrate, and his mind is always in avoid.
C. The doctor said he is lactose intolerant. It means that he has to avoid milk.
D. We avoids taking the tests whenever we can.

10. What does “impressive” mean?

A. Admirable
B. Pressed in
C. Normal
D. Interesting

11. What does “brilliant” mean?

A. Radiant
B. High quality in art or intelligence
C. Having a trilling quality
D. Both A and B

12. What does “commonplace” mean?

A. Related to a nearby place
B. Very cozy
C. Very normal
D. A place where people like to be normal

13. What does “celebrated” mean?

A. Famous
B. After the party
C. Good for a party
D. About old time celebrities

14. What does “monumental” mean?

A. Grand, wonderful
B. Related to monuments
C. Very tall and strong
D. Tough

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