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People love to test their knowledge so trivia question are fun for everyone. They are good icebreakers and help make any event memorable. Questions can be general or cover specific topics. Actually, there are many trivia question of the day ideas that you can share with your friends to test. One of them is about Valentine’s day.

Although Valentine’s day is over, but it is not wrong if you test your friends with Valentine’s day trivia questions.

Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions

Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions

Here are some Trivia questions of the Valentine day:

1. What fruit is called as love apple?

A. Guava
B. Orange
C. Tomato
D. Pawpaw

Answer: C. Tomato

2. Cupid, the God of Love, is normally depicted as a baby with wings holding what?

A. A harp
B. A laurel wreath
C. A heart
D. A bow and arrow

Answer: D. A bow and arrow

3. Valentine’s Day was first celebrated in?

A. Africa
B. Ancient Rome
C. Russia
D. America

Answer: B. Ancient Rome

4. Which group of persons who get shown the most love with Valentine cards during this holiday?

A. Girlfriends
B. Wives
C. Boyfriends
D. Teachers

Answer: D. Teachers

5. Which of the below is not a typical Valentine gift?

A. The Flowers
B. Fruit baskets
C. The Valentine Cards
D. Chocolates

Answer: B. Fruit baskets

6. Why do we call people as Valentines on the Valentine’s Day?

A. Because St. Valentine signed a letter to someone special: From your Valentine.
B. Because the day is called Valentine’s Day.
C. Cupid called his lover as the name Valentine.
D. There is nobody really knows it.

Answer: A. Because St. Valentine signed a letter to someone special: From your Valentine.

7. Which color rose that stands for love at first?

A. White
B. Pink
C. Red
D. Lavender

Answer: D. Lavender

8. There are many flowers are sold on the Valentine’s Day. However, which is the only holiday which beats it in floral sales?

A. Veterans Day
B. Mother’s Day
C. Thanksgiving
D. Christmas

Answer: B. Mother’s Day

9. 35 million of these are sold for Valentine’s day:

A. Dozens of roses
B. Engagement rings
C. Boxes of chocolates
D. Greeting cards

Answer: C. Boxes of Chocolates

10. Which company that first produced “Sweethearts,” also called as “Conversation Hearts”?

A. Brachs
B. Nestle
C. Wonka
D. Necco

Answer: D. Necco

11. Which Roman emperor who forbade marriage for young men?

A. Aurelius
B. Claudius II
C. Trajan
D. Domitian

Answer: B. Claudius II

12. Who made the first box of the chocolates?

A. Richard Cadbury
B. Jim Russell
C. Edward Kennedy
D. Lady Godiva

Answer: A. Richard Cadbury

13. On Valentine’s Day, love always discovers a way. By the way, who was the man who wrote a poem regarding Valentine for his wife while in jail in the Tower of London?

A. Geoffrey Chaucer
B. Charles Darwin
C. Charles Duke of Orleans
D. Alexander Pope

Answer: C. Charles Duke of Orleans

14. She was called as the Mother of American Valentine because became the first mass manufacturer of nicely designed American Valentine’s.

A. Serena Williams
B. Monica Bellucci
C. Charlotte Bronte
D. Esther Howland

Answer: B. Monica Bellucci

15. While love is in the air and everywhere else on the Valentine’s day, how many the Valentine’s cards are exchanged?

A. 114 Million
B. 1 Billion
C. 500 Million
D. 25 Million

Answer: B. 1 Billion

Tips for Building Awesome Trivia Quiz

Some of you may want to know how to make a great Trivia quiz. Well, in this page we want also to share some tips for building awesome Trivia quiz. Just continue reading the following text.

Here are some tips to build awesome Trivia quiz:

  • The title of the quiz must be fun and timely.

If the title of the quiz makes people smile, you have a winner that you are able to run any time of the year. If it is timely, you have a winner for a particular season. But, if you combine them at the right time, you are going to hit a home run (Holiday Movie Quotes).

  • Have a good strategy for what topics your questions will cover given the title.

Usually, many people like ten question trivia because easily they are able to compute your percentage. For example, you got 8 out of 10. What is your percentage right? It is easy to compute. 80%. Before you write a single question, you are able to come up with a strategy. For the Holiday Movie Quotes Trivia quiz, you first research the top holiday movies ever made.

  • Order the questions to create the user feel like they are on a thrill ride.

You have to make the first question funny and easy. It will give people confidence to continue on the quiz. Then, put the harder questions in the middle and right toward the end. Just think of it like a roller coaster, do not only go up and then down.

  • Position your correct answers randomly.

Once you have come up with the questions, the first thing you do is decide on the positioning of the correct answers. To start, you are able to enter the letters A, B, C, and D, for all the answers. Then you come back and put in the correct answer in a varied way. You need to take the quiz in this format to see if you have done a good job mixing up the positioning of the correct answers.

  • The real art of writing trivia is the wrong answers.

You have a goal in mind before you set out. Your goal is for the average person to get 7 out of 10 correct. Have at least one tough question. Create it tough by having all the answers be nearly identical. If you make all your answers really hard, then many people will get bad score. However, if you make the quiz too easy, we think that it is no fun. So, make amazing trivia question.

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