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Do you like playing Jumble in Seattle Times? If you like playing this game, you may wonder the answer of today’s jumble. Here, we will reveal it for you so that you can sleep tight without having to think about this anymore.

The Answer of Today’s Jumble in Seattle Times

The jumble letters for today which is March 11, 2021 are listed below.


Today's Jumble Answer Seattle Times

Can you guest what they are? Well, here are the answers for you.


The circled letters of these answers are H-M-E-D-U-T-F-O-E-T-S-H-I. These jumble letters must be arranged to answer the games cartoon clue. So, the answer of these jumble letters for the cartoon clue is:


You are able to see beside the jumble letters in Seattle Times for today that there is a picture of a man who is trying to catch a fish in an aquarium. In the bottom of the picture, there is a sentence that you need to complete. The sentence is like this:

  • They only wanted the guppies from the tank, so the store’s employee …

After you can answer the jumble, then you can complete this sentence to be like this:

  • They only wanted the guppies from the tank, so the store’s employee fished them out.

How to Play Jumble in Seattle Times

Jumble is a classic scrambled word game which delivers new brain-teasing fun. In Seattle Times, you are able to find this games by accessing Games & Puzzles section. The thing that you have to do to play this games is to unjumble the four words on the left. The letters which are circled in each of the answers become the jumbled letters to answer the games cartoon clue. You have to click on the cartoon for a larger version and solve the clue.

You will get a score if you can answer the jumble words. Each letter in an answer will give you a value of 10 points. If you are able to solve an answer in the first 30 seconds of play, the score that you have for the word will be multiplied by 5. In the second 30 seconds, the multiplier decreases to 4x and so on. If you are stuck in answer it, you can click the Hint button. However, you need to note that Hints will cut 15 points (times the multiplier). So, you have to make sure that you can solve the puzzle quickly for getting a high score.

It will be better if you play this game in Portrait mode on mobile phones. For all mobile devices, you have to tap a letter to add it to the first available or active answer square. You have to tap the scrambled letters in the order in which they will spell the word correctly. You are able to tap incorrect letters in order to put them back in the letter holder. Something which is highlighted is the active answer square. When solving clues to have space on smaller devices, buttons will re-arrange themselves. After you solve the puzzle, then you are able to use the calendar button to choose another game from the archive.

The Functions of Buttons and Icons in Jumble Seattle Times

There are some buttons and icons in the jumble Seattle Times. It is important for you to know the meaning of it so that you are able to use it when you need it.

  • Print icon

This icon can be used to print a blank version for you to play offline.

  • Calendar icon

This icon can be used to load an archive of games and track your progress on this device.

  • Hint

If you click on it, it will solve one letter at a time, but it will deduct 15 points (times the multiplier) from your score each use.

  • Solve

If you click on this button, it will solve the whole puzzle.

  • Reset

If you click on this button, it will start the game over and then reset your score to 0.

The Other Games in Seattle Times

Jumble letter is not the only games that you are able to play in Seattle Times. There are some other games such as Jigsaw, Crossword, Sudoku and Roundup.

In Jigsaw games, you can play the available puzzles. If you want, you are able to create new puzzle. When creating a new puzzle, you can choose the difficulty level by moving the button to Easy, Moderate or Difficult. If you want it to rotate pieces for your puzzle, you can activate it by toggling the button of Rotate Piece to On. Then, you can choose the puzzle image or you are able to use your own image by uploading it. To play the puzzle, you just have to click on a puzzle, drag it and drop in the correct position.

In Crossword games, you have to answer the question in the blue line. To answer it, click on the box of the crossword. Let’s say that you want to answer the box number 10. Then, you must click on it and then the answer for that number will appear in the blue line.

In Sudoku games, there will be a 9×9 grid that you can use. Some of the grid squares already contain the answers. You have to complete the puzzle by filling in the empty squares of the grid with the digits 1 through 9.

How about Roundup games? There will be a lot of letters in a box. The thing that you have to do is to form a word from them by dragging it so that it will round the word. Above the box, there will be categories of the words. If you successfully get the correct word, you will have a check mark under the right category of the word.

Each of these games has a timer. You have to make sure that you can solve the games as soon as possible.

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