The Impossible Quiz 2 Unblocked for School

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Do you feel that you are smart? If you feel that you are very smart, you need to take a quiz. The name of the quiz is The Impossible Quiz 2. Have you ever taken this quiz? If you have never taken this quiz, it is better for you to try to take this quiz.

You may think that the Impossible Quiz 2 is blocked for school. But, you are able to try to play the games at,, and some other sites.In the, you are able to find The Impossible Quiz 2 and there will be a lot of options in the site including 100 quizzes before 2020, any amazing projects, free for all, and many more. You are able to try to click on any quiz that you want to play.

On Youtube, you are able to watch The Impossible Quiz 2 Full Gameplay Walkthrough video which was uploaded by Gogy Games on April 6th, 2016. The duration of the video is 23 minutes 17 seconds. The video now has been watched more than 12k times and has been liked more than 20 times.

In the video, there will appear some questions and here are some of them.

1. Where dos the general keep his armies?

a. barracks
b. up his sleevies
c. in the bin
d. Madagascar

2. Which the following do you need to build a green house?

a. bricks
b. glass
c. paint
d. vodka

3. Which is the largest?

a. earth
b. mars
c. milky way
d. galaxy

4. What is this? (There is a picture which is a can with a Christmas hat on it and the can smile widely.

a. can can
b. happy tin
c. Christmas spirit
d. American

5. How many letters in this sentence?

a. 28
b. 29
c. 8
d. 666

6. Do you know where does the Great Wall of China begin?

a. The Chinese border
b. Over there
c. Hull
d. 10 letters in

7. What will happen if you P… P… P… Pick up a penguin?

a. Nothing
b. It fills your stomach
c. It pecks your face off
d. penguin poo

8. What do Germans water their gardens with?

a. rain
b. ears
c. urine
d. lederhosen

9. What is spider-man’s favourite food?

a. a. cheese
b. fly sandwiches
c. crab sticks
d. horse

As you are able to see in the questions above that the questions of the Impossible Quiz 2 are very funny and. They look easy to answer but actually they are hard to answer. So, you do not need to study to be able to answer the questions of the quiz since the questions of the quiz are just for fun/ However, even though the questions seems easy and they are actually hard, but there are the correct answers of them.

So, you are able to try to answer the questions of the quiz by trying to take the Impossible Quiz 2. You are able to watch the video of walkthrough of the gameplay on Youtube so that you will know what to do in the quiz. So, good luck for you!

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