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If now you have spare time, you are able to use it for taking the news quiz on Bing.  How to access the quiz? You are able to access Bing Fun and then when you are in the Bing Fun page, you have to scroll down to find News Quiz.

When you click on the News Quiz, there will be some options of the quizzes that you want to take. Those options include This Week, Last Week, Two Weeks Ago or Four Weeks Ago.

Take The News Quiz on BingNews Quiz Questions This Week

When we accessed Bing Fun at the time of writing this article, here are some quiz questions of This Week.

  • Disneyland will become a site for…

a. The next G7 Summit                  b. COVID vaccinations                    c. Voter registration

The Answer: b. COVID vaccinations

  • The Boston Bruins will honor the player who broke the NHL’s color barrier by retiring his number. Who is he?

a. Willie O’Ree                   b. Anson Carter                                c. Val James

The Answer: a. Willie O’Ree

  • Which cast member won’t be part of the ‘Sex and the City’ reboot?

a. Sarah Jessica Parker                   b. Cynthia Nixon                               c. Kim Cattrall

The Answer: c. Kim Cattrall

  •  A nurse who works in a COVID-19 unit in which state won a $1 million lottery prize?

a. North Carolina                              b. California                        c. Indiana

The Answer: a North Carolina

  • Who will sing the national anthem at Joe Biden’s inauguration?

a. Lady Gaga                       b. Beyonce                         c. Kid Rock

The Answer: a. Lady Gaga

  • Which product’s ad featuring a father expressing support for his gay son went viral?

a. Fritos                                b. Cheetos                          c. Doritos

The Answer: c. Doritos

  •  A state lawmaker wants to add a statue of which local legend at the Tennessee Capitol?

a. Elvis Presley                   b. Peyton Manning                         c. Dolly Parton

The Answer: b. Peyton Manning

  • A 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card sold for a record price. How much was it?

a. $3.9 million                     b. $5.2 million                    c. $7.1 million

The Answer: b. $5.2 million

  • After the New Orleans Saints won their playoff game against the Bears, head coach Sean Peyton got covered in…

a. Slime                                                b. Gatorade                                        c. Ice water

The Answer: a. Slime

  •  Siegfried Fischbacher, half of the magic team Siegfried & Roy, died at 81. What year did their Vegas show debut?

a. 1957                                  b. 1967                                  c. 1977

The Answer: b. 1967

News Quiz Questions Last Week

  • The NCAA made an announcement that the men’s basketball tournament will be held in…

a. Florida                              b. California                        c. Indiana

The Answer: c. Indiana

  • Raphael Warnock won the Georgia Senate seat. It was previously occupied by…

a. Kelly Loeffler                 b. David Perdue                                c. Jon Ossoff

The Answer: a. Kelly Loeffler

  • Alex Trebek’s final ‘Jeopardy!’ episodes air this week. What year did he start hosting?

a. 1974                                  b. 1984                                  c. 1994

The Answer: b. 1984

  • You may know that Alabama’ DeVonta Smith won the Heisman Trophy for most outstanding player in college football. He plays in .. position.

a. Quarterback                  b. Defensive end                             c. Wide receiver

The Answer: c. Wide receiver

  • Scientists noted that Earth has been…

a. Spinning slower           b. Kind of a downer lately                            c. Spinning faster

The Answer: c. Spinning faster

  • What did the US News & World Report name the best diet for 2021?

a. DASH                                b. Ice Cream Cleanse                      c. Mediterranean

The Answer: c. Mediterranean

  • Mountain Dew announced a new flavor. What is it?

a. Krazy Kiwi                       b. Major Melon                                c. Extreme Tangerine

The Answer: b. Major Melon

  • Astronauts on the International Space Station ate food that was grown in space. What is it?

a. Potatoes                         b. Bananas                          c. Radishes

The Answer: c. Radishes

  • At the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships, the US took home gold. Who did they beat in the final?

a. Canada                            b. Russia                              c. Finland

The Answer: a. Canada

  • After closing his cancer treatment center,  what did oncologist Dr. Omar Atiq do?

a. Sent patients gift baskets

b. Canceled patient debt

c. Went to Disneyland

The Answer: c. Went to Disneyland

News Quiz Questions Two Weeks Ago

  • You may have heard news about a record number of holiday songs made Billboard’s Hot 100 chart this week. How many songs was it?

a. 16                       b. 39                      c. 44

The Answer: b. 39

  • There was an airline which announced a ban on emotional support animals. What airline is it?

a. Alaska                              b. Delta                                c. Spirit

The Answer: c. Spirit

  • The AP’s female athlete of the year is …

a. Breanna Stewart                         b. Sarah Fuller                   c. Naomi Osaka

The Answer: c. Naomi Osaka

  • A Church bell stolen 77 years ago was returned to its home in …

a. Russia               b. Poland                             c. England

The Answer: b. Poland

  • White’s Ferry, which operated since about 1786, closed on Monday. Which river did it cross?

a. Potomac                         b. Mississippi                     c. Hudson

The Answer: a. Potomac

News Quiz Questions Four Weeks Ago

  • The Cleveland Indians announce something this week. What is it?

a. Moving to another city             b. Building a new stadium            c. Changing their name

The Answer: c. Changing their name

  • Someone announced the donation of more than $4 billion to charities over the past four months. Who is the person?

a. Warren Buffet                              b. Larry Ellison                   c. MacKenzie Scott

The Answer: c. MacKenzie Scott

  • As you know that Carter Rubin won Season 19 of The Voice. Then, who was his coach?

a. Kelly Clarkson                               b. Blake Shelton                               c. Gwen Stefani

The Answer: c. Gwen Stefani

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did a sign to a new deal with…

a. Queen Elizabeth                          b. Spotify                             c. HBO

The Answer: b. Spotify

  • It is now illegal to sell what on New York State property?

a. Cigarettes                       b. Deep-dish pizza                           c. Confederate  flags

The Answer: c. Confederate flags

  • The #changemusic initiative is focused on…

a. Diversity                          b. Streaming royalties                    c. David Bowie

The Answer: a. Diversity

  • The ‘ugliest orchid in the world’ could be found in…

a. England                           b. New Jersey                   c. Madagascar

The Answer:  c. Madagascar

  • There was a college opted out of playing in a bowl game, ending a 27-year streak. What college is it?

a. Virginia Tech                  b. Georgia                           c. Brigham Young

The Answer: c. Brigham Young

  • A TV show which is getting a reboot on Fox is …

a. Three’s Company        b. Happy Days                   c. Fantasy Island

The Answer: c. Fantasy Island

  • A man from Scotland uses something to cross the Irish Sea to see his girlfriend. What is the thing that he uses?

a. Inflatable kayak           b. Paddleboard                 c. Jet Ski

The Answer: c. Jet Ski

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