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Please, start learning about the Stone Age to increase your knowledge in History object. Somehow, this subject becomes one of the most important knowledge in the world that you have to learn a lot. Surely, by knowing a lot of facts about Stone Age, it will help you to reach your dreamed of college or level at school that probably this subject will be appear.

Stone Age can be defined as a broad prehistoric period. In this era, the stone was primarily used to create implements with a point, an edge, and a percussion surface. Stone Age can be called as the first period of human being in the three-age system of Archeology. This human technological prehistory is divided into three periods: The Stone Age, The Bronze Age and The Iron Age.

As the explanation above, of course, the topic about Stone Age is really important to talk. So, looking for the facts about it is really recommended for you.

Now, you do not have to get hard to find the facts about Stone Age. It is because there are many quiz creators that provides Stone Age topic in the form of quiz. Therefore, you can have fun in learning about Stone Age.

Well, answer the quiz below to increase your knowledge!

1. What material were the first tools made from?
a. Bones and glass
b. Stones and bones
c. Stones and metal
d. Metal and wood
The answer is B. (Stones and Bones)

2. What is the name of Stone Age for the first time?
a. Neolithic
b. Mesolithic
c. Paleolithic
d. Stone Age
The answer is C. (Paleolithic)

3. How did the Caveman clear up their stories?

a. They wrote on cave walls
b. They wrote a book
c. They wrote in the dirt
d. They used sign language
The answer is A. (They wrote on cave walls)

4. What is the name of Stone Age in the Middle?

a. Paleolithic Era
b. Mesolithic Era
c. Neolithic Era
d. Caveman
The answer is B. (Mesolithic Era)

5. What animals did help the Caveman in Stone Age to farm?

a. Sheep
b. Dogs
c. Goats
d. All of above
The answer is D. (All of above)

6. What is the name of new Stone Age?

a. Paleolithic Era
b. Mesolithic Era
c. Neolithic Era
d. Cave man
The answer is C. (Neolithic Era)

7. Where did the people live in new Stone Age?

a. Tee-pees
b. Villages
c. Caves
d. Under Cliffs
The answer is B. (Villages)

8. What was the female job during the Stone Age?

a. Taking care of kids
b. Gathering Plants
c. Hunting
d. Both A and B
The answer is D. (Both A and B)

9. What did the Neolithic and Paleolithic people in common?

a. They hunted and fished
b. They lived in small group
c. They made farming tools
d. They made tools out of the copper and silver
The answer is A. (They hunted and fished)

10. During the ………… age the most important job is to ………?

a. Neolithic Age / paint in caves walls
b. Neolithic Age / find the shelter
c. Paleolithic Age / to find food
d. Paleolithic Age / to grow crops
The answer is C. (Paleolithic Age / to find food)

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