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In this time, the mobile system and technology have developed significantly. This development will drive us into one transformation in which anything goes up. As we know that the technology of mobile phone always develops to a high degree of complexity. The internal system of mobile phone will get more sophisticated at all. Certainly, this case will attract lots of apps creators to enter applications that they make into the system on mobile phones in which everyone can download it easily.

Certainly, the operation system on every mobile phone is totally different. As we know, there are some operation systems of mobile phone that have each pros and cons based on the system as they have. Those operation systems Android, iOS, Windows Phone. Symbian OS, Blackberry OS and many more. For this time, there are tons of mobile applications that exist on every operation system on mobile phone.

One of the mobile applications that have many benefits for human is Spotlight App Safety Culture. Perhaps, there are some of you that do not about this app yet although you always get in touch with your mobile phone. But, this case is not strange because this app can be mentioned as the uncommon apps in which just a small proportion of users have it. So, how the Spotlight App Safety Culture work?

Spotlight App Safety Culture can be called as one of apps on your mobile phone that you can be downloaded easily. Indeed, this app is provided on Android and iOS. Spotlight App Safety Culture means a note application on your mobile phone that will give you what the occurrence has happened. This app actually comes from Safety Culture as the creator of this Spotlight app.

It means that this app will inform you a real-time alert for hazards, incident and near-misses. By knowing what will and has happened, it will make you easier to get report of the incidents. However, the goal of this app is to get a trusted report needed by teams to increase the amount of incident report with the high quality report. Indeed, by using this app, it hopes to alert many people of the incident that will happen anytime suddenly. The mission of this app is to change a hereditary culture of reporting of an incident by using an easy-to-use application on mobile phone.

If you do not download this app on your mobile phone yet, it is the best time for you to have it. For the consideration, here are the some workable elements of the Spotlight App Safety Culture that you can access easily:

  • This app is so easy to tag the location of incident based on the GPS coordinates in which the incident happens.
  • The gallery of photos can access easily to upload the incident images.
  • The easy-use camera to take photos and send the report.
  • The quick notification to receive reminders about the incident, inspections and corrective actions.

The Main Feature of Spotlight App Safety Culture

Besides, the main features above, certainly the Spotlight App have the main feature that you can consider to download this app. They are:

  • Quick incident Record
  • In real-time incident report
  • Instant and fast notification
  • Shareable incident report and auto-generated
  • Wide insight from the incident happened
  • Easy for using the tags (location)
  • The quick report for news timeline

Well, do not waste time to consider too long time to download this useful app for your daily work. Make sure that you use this app by following the right and recommended instructions.

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