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Besides, the spotlight app on mobile, certainly you can also get the app support for desktop and windows. However, not only spotlight app on mobile phone that we mention as the quick and easy to use, but the spotlight app on Windows and Desktop support is totally needed for most of people. The spotlight on Windows can be in the form of Quickbooks that you can access it online. So, what is the spotlight app quickbooks that you can access on desktop?

The app is called Spotlight App Quickbooks in which it can be mentioned as the desktop application. This app can be accessed on your PC. As different Spotlight app safety culture on mobile, this app can be used for advanced reporting, forecasting, all about budgeting and consolidation. It means that this app is fit for accountant, manager and also CEO for checking about budgeting at all.

The Benefit of Spotlight App Quickbooks

Certainly, every app both of desktop or mobile phone has benefit that can help people in daily job. So as this spotlight app quickbooks in which it can be used for some purposes on your jobs. The key benefits of this app will be described below:

  • Save Your Time and Effort: By using this app, absolutely you will not waste your time to make some report for your business. Featured by multi-currency choice, it may enable to make accounting firms report, franchise and also multi-entity business on monthly report. Besides, it can gain the group performance getting predictable.
  • Budget and Estimate: Get the benefit by using this app to make your forecasting, budgeting and scenario testing tool. Actually, this benefit will allow to you to get preparation on estimating your budget for future needs and help to increase the chance for your goal on business.
  • Quick Reporting: Using this app will show you a display complex data with an easy and attractive way to understand. This is featured by management reports with understandable chart gallery and also the chart of customization options. This app will allow you on providing intelligent insight of your financial report.

How Does The Spotlight App Work?

After you already know about the benefit of this app, you will be faced on how the app works. This app will focus on creating the understandable report that you access it on dashboard of this app. The dashboard will allow you to create forecast, daily report, consolidation settlement and estimate your budget for your business development. To use it, you can download the Spotlight App Quickbooks on your PC by signing up on official apps site at Then, you can import the data from Excel, Word, Ms. Access and also Google Analytic to Spotlight App Quickbooks Online or on Desktop Version. Immediately, you will get the quick report that informs you all about your business. So, it is so easy, isn’t it?

The Pricing of Spotlight App Quickbooks

Certainly, you can access this app by paying this app based on the plan name as you choose. The good news is you can keep using this app for a free 28 day trial. Here are the pricing plans of Spotlight App Quickbooks:

Plan Name Price
Business $25 per month
Business 20 $250 per month
Super VCFO 50 $495 per month
Super VCFO 150 $995 per month
Franchise & Not-For-Profit $250 per month


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