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For those the Mac users, you must know the feeling of using a thing called Spotlight. This one makes searching apps and files so much easier. This app not only launches the apps and search files, but it also works as the calculator, currency converters, weather calculation, and many more.

Spotlight comes inbuilt with iOS (Mac, iPad, iPhone). What about Windows 10? Is there Spotlight for Windows 10? Unfortunately, the answer to the question is no. However, you do not have to worry as you will get informed about some solid alternative apps.

1. Wox

Wix is the closest option to Spotlight on Windows. The design of it is minimal and ideal for the purpose the app is built for. By default, it is triggered when you hit Alt+space. There will be a search bar popping up for you to enter the search string and the results appear as the dropdown. Some of the feature of this app are search files, calculator, open URL, display color using hex number, run shell commands, and so on.

2. Search Everything

Search Everything is built just to search files on the local storage and it does the great job. This one accepts search queries as well as regular expressions. Aside from that, it also allows you to export the output of the search into the text file. If you are using it with a macro and if you are into development, it is helpful. The features of the app include search files, shell commands, and regular expressions.

3. KeyPirinha

KeyPirinha is simple and has quick response. This one is the portable app and you have the source code available on the site. It is really simple and you do not get any plugins or themes with it. The most unique feature of this one is the action step that makes it more of the app emulator. Some other features are search files, calculator, and regular expressions.

4. Launchy

Launchy is the name of the open source keystroke launcher and has separate types for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This one has the basic design just like any other app but stands out in the terms of the app customization and the web search. The app provides a lot of options such as auto open the app, delay in response, and so on. The features of the app include search files, calculator, web search, regular expressions, and shell commands.

5. Cerebro Pro

The outlook of Cerebro Pro looks like Spotlight and it even replicates the functionality. Basically, the search results are all displayed below the search bar and the layout is exactly like Spotlight. On top of that, this app even shows up results from the web. Another good thing is that you do not need to open the browser windows to type the search string. Since there is s much web suggestions, please avoid the spelling mistake. Some of the features of the app include search files, calculator, web search and suggestions.

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