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Spongebob genetics quiz is one of the most popular quizzes in the field. The whole quiz revolves around Bikini Bottom and everyone such as SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krab, and Squidward is included. For those who have taken the quiz and are wondering if your answers to the questions are correct, here is the answer key of the quiz.

Answer key of the Spongebob genetics quiz:

Number 1 

TT: Ho

Pp: He

Dd: Ho

Ff: He

Tt: He

FF: Ho

Purebred: TT, dd, FF

Number 2

BB: blue

Bb: blue

bb: green

Number 3

Tall eyeballs: TT, Tt

Short eyeballs: tt

Number 4

a. Heterozygous round: Rr, Oval: rr

b. See square at right

c. Rr: round & rr: oval

d. 50%

e. 50%

Number 5

a. Patrick: TT, Patti: tt

b. See square at right

c. The high chance is tall head, since all genotypes that result would represent a tall head (100%)

d. The kids would not be counted purebreds because they would each have a dominant gene and recessive gene.

Number 6

He needs to cross the purple Pookfins with blue ones for the best chances for blue flowers.

After checking all the right answers above, how many questions do you get it right? Are you satisfied with your score? You might want to retake the quiz if you get the low score and you think you can do better. However, it might not be effective and not a good idea since you already know the answers of the questions.

Spongebob genetic quiz

In case you have not taken the Spongebob genetic quiz yet and are interested to take it, these followings are the questions of the quiz. There are 8 questions in total. Please read each of them well and think about the possible answer. Feel free to take your time while deciding the answers so that you can get the high score.

1. For each following genotype listed below, decide whether it is a heterozygous (He) or homozygous (Ho).







Which of these genotypes do you think would be considered purebred?

2. You will have to use the chart to determine the genotype for each phenotype listed below.

Purebred squarepants:

Heterozygous squarepants:

Homozygous yellow body:

Purebred blue body

Hybrid round eyes:

Trait Dominant Gene Recessive Gene
Body Shape Squarepants (S) Roundpants (s)
Body Color Yellow (Y) Blue (y)
Eye Shape Round ® Oval ®

3. In the family of Squidward, a blue color or B is dominant compared to green or b. Please determine the phenotype for every genotype below based on this information.




4. If tall eyeballs or T are dominant compared to short ones or t, please mention the possible genotypes for members in the family of Mr. Krab.

Tall eyeballs:

Short eyeballs:

5. SpongeBurt is popular for his big round eyes or R, which is dominant if you compare it to an oval shape or r. If he is included as heterozygous for his round eye and is planning to marry the one with oval eye shape, what kind of eyes might the children have?

a. List the genotypes for each one:

Heterozygous round eyes:

Oval eyes:

b. You will have to complete the Punnett square in order to draw the possibilities that would result if SpongeBurt had kids with an oval eyed one.

c. How many percent the chance of having a child with round eyes?

d. How many percent the chance of having a child with oval eyes?

6. Patrick just married a cute girl that he met at a local dance named Patti. As he has tall head shape (T), he is considered as a purebred, which is dominant when you compare to a short head (t). IF Patti is described as a short-headed woman, what kind of heads would their kids have?

a. List the genotypes for each one:



b. Complete the Punnett square in order to show the possible offspring.

c. Which kind of head is the most possible, tall or short? Explain your answer!

d. Can the kinds be counted as purebreds? Explain your answer!

For these following questions (#7 and #8), you will have to keep in mind that the Poofkins are a result of incomplete dominance. You can read Poofkins as red (RR), blue (BB), or purple (RB).

7. What will happen if SpongeBob crosses two Poofkins that have purple flowers? Do not forget to complete the Punnett square in order to show the possibility of each color of the flower.

If SpongeBob managed to plant 100 seeds from this cross, how many he can expect to have of each of them?

Purple flowers:

Blue flowers:

Red flowers:

8. If there is a container of purple Poofkins in SpongeBob, which color should be chosen by him to cross it with for the best chance of blue ones? You will need to complete the Punnett square and explain your answer.

About generic quiz

Generic quiz refers to the kind of medical quiz that can identify the changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins. The results of this kind of test are able to be used to confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition. It is also useful to determine a chance of someone developing or passing on a genetic disorder.

There are a few methods that can be used for genetic testing:

  • Molecular genetic tests or gene tests: This one study about the single genes or short lengths of DNA in order to identify some different kinds of variations of mutations that lead to a genetic disorder.
  • Chromosomal genetic tests: This one analyzes the entire chromosomes or long lengths of DNA as the effort to see if there are bigger genetic changes, such as an extra copy of a chromosome that can cause a genetic condition.
  • Biochemical genetic tests: This one studies the amount of activity level of proteins. The abnormalities are able to be used to indicate changes to the DNA that result in a genetic disorder.

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