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When you use Windows 10, there may be some programs that you want to delete because you do not need them. The apps are seldom used or even those apps have never been used until now. It can also happen if you think that the memory of your Windows 10 is full so that you need to delete some of the programs.

If you want to remove apps or programs in Windows 10, you need to know that some programs or apps in Windows 10 are built into Windows and they cannot be uninstalled. If you want to remove the programs or apps that can be uninstall, you can do that and there are several different ways that you can use to do that. Here are the ways to remove programs or apps in Windows 10 based on site

Uninstall The Programs or Apps From Start Menu

You are able to remove the programs or apps from the Start menu. You are able to do that by choosing the Start button and then look for the app or program in the list shown. After that, you are able to hit and hold (or right click) on the app and then choose Uninstall.

Uninstall The Programs From The Setting Page

If you want to remove the programs in your Windows 10 by using this method, you can follow the simple steps below.

  • First, you need to choose the Start button.
  • After that, you have to choose Settings > Apps Apps & Features. Alternatively, you are able to click the shortcut link which is available at the bottom of the article page in the in the Windows 10 Repair Or Remove Programs page.
  • Now, you need to choose the app that you want to remove and then choose Uninstall.

Uninstall The Programs From The Control Panel

If you want to remove programs in Windows 10 by  using Control Panel, you can do that by following the steps below.

  • First, you have to type Control Panel in the search box on the taskbar and then choose it from the results.
  • Then, you are able to choose Programs and then choose Programs and Features.
  • In this step, you have to press and hold (or you can right click) on the program that you want to remove. Then, choose Uninstall or Uninstall/ Change. Then, you are able to follow the directions on the screen.

Uninstalling The Program By Using The Third Party Tool

You can use the third party tool if you want to uninstall multiple programs such as CleanMyPC or CCleaner. These tools offer free and paid versions. If you want to use CleanMyPc, you have to install it first by downloading it from the official website. If the program has been installed, you can open it. Then, you are able to choose ‘Multi Uninstaller’ in the sidebar on the left side. You will be shown a list of all the programs on your PC. So, you can choose some checkboxes as you want and then click on the green Uninstall button at the bottom.

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