Printable Adult Trivia Questions and Answers which Definitely Makes You Excited

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If you have free time, you may be able to complete the trivia questions. Are you looking for some printable trivia questions and answers for adult? If you are looking for this, we know where you are able to get it.

Where to Find Printable Trivia Questions and Answers for Adult

One of the websites that you can access to find printable trivia questions and answers for adult is Challenge The Brain website. On this site, you are able to find some themes of trivia questions and answers such as Pub Quiz, General Knowledge Quiz, Music Quiz, Family Quiz, Movie Quiz, Ultimate Quiz, Science and many more. You can also find trivia questions and answers there.

Printable Adult Trivia Questions and Answers which Definitely Makes You Excited

The quiz in Challenge The Brain are challenging and fun. In addition, it is also printable for free. So, you are able to access the website and then find the theme of quiz that you want including the answer which can be found in another page, then you can print it. With it, you are able to test your trivia knowledge with the selection of interesting and fun trivia questions.

The trivia quizzes which provides by Challenge The Brain website are entertaining and fun. It is because they cover a lot of different interesting subjects and topics including geography, science, sport, history, mathematics, general knowledge, pop music, movies and films, famous people, celebrities, states, cities and country capitals.

Some Examples of Trivia Questions and Answers from Challenge The Brain Website

If you want to choose trivia quiz, then click on it and you will be brought to a trivia quiz. In the list below, you can see some of the questions and answers of the trivia quiz on the Challenge The Brain website.

  • If you include the white ball, how many color varieties are used in a game of snooker?

Answer: Eight, those include white, yellow, brown, green, pink, blue, black and red.

  • What body part is able to be placed before the following words: drum, ache, ring?

Answer: Ear

  • What animal comes first in the English dictionary?

Answer: Aardvark

  • What continent does not have active volcanoes?

Answer: Australia

  • The group of ravens known as: a. Constable b. Crew c. Collection

Answer: a. Constable

  • In the story of Cinderella, what did Cinderella leave behind when she was leaving the ball?

Answer: a glass slipper

  • British stamps not the same as any other stamp in the world because they are the only ones to not bear what?

Answer: the name of the country

  • What country did host the 2016 Olympics?

Answer: Brazil

  • In Great Britain, what season would the fall be known as?

Answer: Autumn

  • Have you ever heard the German word ‘Meister’? What does it mean?

Answer: Master

  • What are the three main colors?

Answer: Blue, Red, Yellow

  • Who was the writer of the 1983 song ‘Pipes of Peace’?

Answer: Paul McCartney

  • There was a British ballerina who was born as Margaret Evelyn Hookham in 1919. Who was she?

Answer: Dame Margot Fonteyn

  • Who wrote the Lady Chatterley’s Lover?

Answer: D.H Lawrence

  • In what year did the London Eye officially open to the public?

Answer: 2000

  • In Great Britain, what stamp was issued on May 6th, 1840?

Answer: The Penny Black

  • There is an album called E=MC2. Who released it?

Answer: Mariah Carey

  • What is the main religion in Thailand?

Answer: Buddhism

  • There are scaters Torvil and Dean. What are the first names of them?

Answer: Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean

  • What leisure activity is connected with 10 pins and strikes?

Answer: Ten pin bowling

  • Have you heard about twisters and cyclones? What are they also known as?

Answer: Tornados

  • Besides Ohio, which other US states starts with the letter O?

Answer: Oklahoma

The Examples of Hard Trivia Questions on Challenge The Brain Website

In the list below, you are able to learn some hard trivia questions on Challenge The Brain website. It includes the answers here.

  • Do you know the second president of the United States? Who is he?

Answer: John Adams

  • What are the four primary blood groups?

Answer: O, A, B, AB

  • Where did Moses get the Ten Commandments?

Answer: Mount Sinai

  • When is Earth Day celebrated annually in the world?

Answer: April 22nd

  • Who is the composer of Moonlight Sonata?

Answer: Beethoven

  • On the pH scale, what is the highest number?

Answer: pH 14

  • What Royal Navy vessel was commanded by Captain James cook on his first voyage of discovery to Australia and New Zealand?

Answer: HMS Endeavour

  • In the right hand of Statue of Liberty, there is something which she carries. What is it?

Answer: a torch

  • In the Canterbury Tales, how many tales are there?

Answer: 24

  • There was infamous gangster which was known by the nicknames of Jackrabbit and Public Enemy No. 1. Which gangster was it?

Answer: John Dillinger

  • What mammal comes up first in the English dictionary?

Answer: Aardvark

  • What are the primary types of rainfall?

Answer: Convectional, frontal and relief

The Examples of Easy Trivia Questions on Challenge The Brain Website

Do you want the easy ones? Then, here are the examples of them.

  • In North America, what is the biggest country by area?

Answer: Canada

  • Mention four dwarfs of Snow White!

Answer: Dopey, Doc, Grumpy, Bashful, Sneezy, Happy and Sleepy

  • Do you know the color of the Statue of Liberty? What is it?

Answer: green

  • What is the name of hot fluid below the crust of Earth from which lava is formed?

Answer: Magma

  • The name of the space mission which landed the first person on the moon is…

Answer: Apollo 11

  • What is the major river which flows through London?

Answer: The Thames

  • What is the primary language used in New Zealand?

Answer: English

  • The name of school that Harry Potter attended is …

Answer: Hogwarts

  • The number of strings on a cello is …

Answer: Four

  • Barack Obama has some daughters. How many are they?

Answer: Two

  • The second World War ended in …

Answer: 1945

  • Canberra is the capital city of …

Answer: Australia

  • Do you know the closest planet to the Earth? What is it?

Answer: Venus

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