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Are you a fan of a legendary movie called Harry Potter and are wondering what is your Harry Potter’s house? If the answer to the question is yes, you might want to take the Pottermore house quiz provided by GoforQuiz. With it, you will be able to find out which Hogwarts house you will definitely belong in.

There are a lot of questions that you will have to answer. Here are 15 of them:

1.How do you want to be written into history?

a. By being bold

b. By being fearless

c. By being wise

d. By being good and fair

2.What is the worst insult you can get?

a. Ignorant

b. Fearful

c. Ordinary

d. Selfish

3.What potion would you like to invent and use the most?

a. Power potion

b. Love potion

c. Fame potion

d. Wisdom potion

4.How do you people remember you after your death?

a. I want them to smile when they think of me and say they miss me

b. I want them to tell my stories and adventures over and over again

c. I want them to admire my achievements

d. I don’t really care. The only thing that matters the most is what people think of me and my accomplishments while I’m alive

5.The Fluttterby bush makes every hundred years flowers that change smell in order to attract a specific person. Choose perfume that should be released by this plant to attract you.

a. The perfume of your home

b. The smell of a wood fire

c. The scent of the sea

d. The perfume of a new parchment

6.There are four boxes placed in front of you. You are allowed to open only one of them. Which one do you select?

a. The small tortoise shell box gilded with fine gold that seems to contain a tiny squeaky creature

b. The small pewter box, simple and unpretentious, on which one can read a striped inscription that says I open only for the one who deserves it

c. The carved gold box, resting on two feet with claws, whose inscription warns you that it contains secret knowledge and irresistible temptation

d. The shiny black box with a silver lock and key has a mysterious rune inscription that you immediately identify as Merlin’s signature

7.Which musical instrument do you most like to hear?

a. Piano

b. Violin

c. Drum

d. Trumpet

8.There are four cups filled with a mysterious liquid placed in front of you. Which one do you love to drink?

a. The one that contains a golden, shiny liquid that hurts the eyes and makes you see bright spots everywhere

b. The one that contains a thick. Creamy, purple drink with a delicious chocolate and plum aroma

c. The one that contains a silvery, foamy liquid that sparkles as if it contained diamond powder

d. The one that contains a stranger black liquid that shines like ink and gives off vapors causing strange hallucinations

9.You are in an enchanted garden full of mysterious things. What is the one that you prefer to examine first?

a. The huge red mushrooms that seem to talk together

b. The statue of an old sorcerer with a strangely sparkling eye

c. The bubbling pool located at the bottom of which you can see something luminous that swirls tirelessly

d. The tree with silver leaves loaded with golden apples

10.Which one do you prefer?

a. That others imitate you

b. That others fear you

c. That others trust you

d. That others envy you

e. That others love and appreciate you

11.What is the most difficult thing for you to deal with?

a. The cold

b. Boredom

c. Loneliness

d. Hunger

e. Being deliberately ignored by others

12.What is the thing that you look forward to the most when learning at Hogwarts?

a. All the secrets of the castle

b. Spells and curses

c. Flight on a broomstick

d. All the fields of magic that I will be allowed to study

e. Everything you need to know about magical creatures and how to tame and care for them

f. Transformation (the art of transforming one object into another)

13.If you are allowed to possess any magical power, which one do you prefer?

a. The power to speak to animals

b. The power to be endowed with supernatural strength

c. The power to read the thoughts of people

d. The power to change the past

e. The power to be invisible

f. The power to change your appearance as you want

14.Which one would you most like to study?

a. Ghosts

b. Trolls

c. Centaurs

d. Werewolves

e. Vampires

f. Goblins

g. Merpeople

15.Which one that tempts you the most?

a. the large grass alley immersed in sunlight

b. the paved street lined with old buildings

c. the narrow, dark, lantern lit alleyway

d. the small tortuous path strewn with dead leaves that runs through the woods

Pottermore House Quiz

If you want to know the full questions and want to take the quiz, please visit the official website of GoforQuiz. Accessing this site is easy and you will not be required to sign in.

Each new student of Hogwarts School will attend the sorting ceremony that takes place at the Great Hall. They will be assigned to one of four available houses that are named after the legendary founders of the academy: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.

The sorting process assigned students based on the qualities that are believed by the founders the most. Pottermore uses the same thing in order to decide the affinity of someone for a certain available house.

For Godric Gryffindor, the bold hearts and a strong will are the most important things. Rowena Ravenclaw the witch values logic, wit, and pure intelligence. The most ambitious one is definitely the Slytherins founded by Salazar Slytherin. As for Hufflepuffs, it values loyalty, diligence, and ability to make friends.

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