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There are some quizzes that you can take to earn Microsoft Rewards. Each of them has different concept and amount of reward. Are you interested in trying the quizzes to get Microsoft Rewards? Please check out the details below.

One of the most popular Microsoft quizzes that can give you Microsoft Rewards is called Bing Quiz. The purpose of this quiz is to drive engagement and broaden the horizons of Bing users with trivia. It is the offshoot of the previous feature of the Bing wallpaper that would offer up the interesting trivia about the current wallpaper being displayed. For those who want to give a try here are the steps:

  1. Head to the official website of Bing.
  2. The Bing homepage will show the icon with the scholastic cap on it.
  3. Press on the said icon.
  4. There will be a short question with 3 options on it, answering it triggers the rest of the quiz.

What if this Microsoft Rewards quiz called Bing Quiz is not loading? If you are not able to see the Bing Quiz, please check the Settings. Just like many other features of Bing, this one requires you to be in the United States or actively change your Bing region to the USA from the settings menu. Aside from that, you also need to change the language to English if your default language is not English. After changing both language and region, you can go back to the homepage of Bing and check if you are able to see the Bing Quiz now. The change might take a while so please be patient. If after 24 hours you are still not able to see the quiz, then you can try to reach out the customer service of Bing. You just have to explain about the situation clearly and ask for the best solution. Another solution is to find the community of Bing and ask the members of the community about the issue that you are facing.

Some other Microsoft quizzes that you can try are Lightspeed Quiz and Furry Friends Quiz. Lightspeed Quiz is probably the most favorite as you can earn 40 points with this quiz. It sounds interesting compared to another Microsoft quiz called Bing Quiz or Windows Spotlight Quiz that can only give 5 points daily. As for Furry Friends Quiz, this one can give you 30 rewards points that can be redeemed to sweepstakes, merchant gift cards and even to donation in the end.

You might face the issue of either Lighspeed Quiz or Furry Friend Quiz not loading. For instance, when you cannot move to the second one the page is loading. In order to fix this, first of all, you can try to clear the cache to fix that issue. This one is the basic method. Then, you log out and log in and try the quiz again for the second time. If you still encounter the same issue even after all the effort, please contact Microsoft Support for the assistance regarding the concern with doing the quiz.

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