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When you are taking some quizzes on Bing, actually you cannot be separated from the name of Microsoft Rewards. Previously, Microsoft Rewards is named Bing Rewards. But, sometimes, the Microsoft Rewards Quiz doesn’t work in which makes the Bings users so disappointed at all. So, what is the causes and how to solve this issue?

As we know that it is such a program offered by Microsoft of giving you a chance to earn points for answering the quiz or browsing the sites using Bing. Basically, you are allowed to use any browser, but Bing must be a Search Engine that you use. When you use Bing for your browsing, automatically the points will appear on your account. Generally, the points will be redeemed for gift cards, stuff, sweepstakes and many more.

Unfortunately, many users are disappointed for this program. In fact, most of them do not get anything although they have collected for lots of points. But, no gifts cards, no raffles even stuff are given by Microsoft as the Rewards. Even though they keep browsing using Bing, but the points cannot be redeemed, then, there is no response from Bing to solve this problem. Indeed, we got these issues from any forums or Q&A Bing users. So, what is the problem on Microsoft Rewards and why it often doesn’t work to redeem the gifts?

Generally, the trouble is caused crashing server in which Bing is so much accessed by users. So, this case makes the Bing a little bit low connection and not loading. If it happens, automatically it will impact for Microsoft Rewards and quiz at all. Then, many users complain for this because they cannot redeem the points to get some gifts as the Microsoft offers. Besides, Microsoft Rewards sometimes cannot open on Desktop or PC because something was wrong. So, it makes PC/ computers users also complain for this.

However, this case causes the Bing users not believe anymore with the Microsoft Rewards program. They will think that the program is just a fake and make them a fool. But, this program is totally true and promises to give the users any gifts. The problem is the users often get error or Microsoft doesn’t work when they want to redeem the gifts.

For that reason above, we are going to share a little bit solution to solve this problem.

  • If you use the desktop/ PC, you can try to change your device using your mobile phone to access Bing and redeem the gifts. Sometimes, the quiz is not working properly on the desktop sites, you can use the Bing mobile app to solve the quiz.
  • If you have a plan to redeem Microsoft rewards to gifts but it doesn’t work. Absolutely, you can reload the page to get it back.
  • You can log out from your Microsoft rewards account if you get trouble in redeeming the gifts. Then, restart your computer or device and start from beginning.

Sometimes, the Microsoft Rewards are error for a while, but it will be back to normal. So, waiting for the trouble for few minutes is totally a must. Then, you already know for the solution and make sure you will not get the problem anymore.

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