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Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center is the name of the application that helps you to make the most out of your Microsoft keyboard and mouse. This one will help you to personalize and customize how you work on your PC. It is the advanced settings for some Microsoft branded peripherals. This one is a classic Windows app that comes in 32 and 64 bit versions and most of you will opt for 64 bit.

As stated before, Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center can help you to personalize and customize how you work on your PC. It means you can tailor your mouse and keyboard to meet the unique needs and work style and you can modify the mouse and keyboard settings in order to make it easier to use the all the unique features of most PC apps.

Here is the effortlessly transaction to Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center from the existing device management apps:

  1. Launch the app from the Windows Start.
  2. View and change the basic and app-specific settings for every connected device in one place.
  3. Explore all the features with pop up descriptive and how to info tips.
  4. Includes access to the online Ho To Troubleshooting library.
  5. Includes access to the online Healthy Computing Guide for tips on how to work more comfortably on the computer.

The sad news is that if you are running Windows S like on the new Surface Laptop, you are not able to download and install this app. As to when Microsoft decides to port it over to Windows 10 natively or use the thing called Desktop Bridge to put it in the Windows Store in unclear.

In Windows 10, every user is able to find many of the mouse options under Settings > Devices > Mouse. Those settings include primary button assignment, the amount of lines to scroll, and how the mouse wheel scrolls. Apparently, some mice like the new Surface Arc Mouse of Microsoft have the additional abilities such as enabling “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” which is not be able to be found with the other mice.

What can Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center do? After running the install for Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, the app needs to automatically recognize a supported mouse or keyboard. What makes it interesting is the new Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is not yet supported, but the older Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard does work. Aside from that, there is a massive list of all the Microsoft peripherals that do work with Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.

Which kind of device is supported by Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center? Some of the supported devices are Microsoft Surface mice – the new Surface Acr Mouse and the older Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition or SE. Actually, there is also a UWP version the Windows Store, but it does not yet supported the new Surface Arc Mouse, but it does support the older Acr Touch Bluetooth Mouse and Arc Touch Mouse SE.

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