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You are probably curios about Media Creation Tool on Windows 10. Indeed, the features on Windows can be attracted many users to use it on their PC. One of awesome Windows features is Media Creation Tool. So, what is the Media Creation Tool on Windows 10? How to use the Media Creation Tool on Windows? To get the answer, please don’t leave us!

When you install or upgrade Windows 10 on your PC, actually you will need a Windows 10 installation media such as CD/DVD disc or USB driver. Then, the relation to the Media Creation Tool is to allow you in creating the installation USB drive or download ISO file. By using this tool, you can burn on to DVD to install the operating system even on a different computer. It seems using the Media Creation Tool in Windows 10 so convenient, doesn’t it? Indeed, many users do not know what the tool is, so that’s the reason why we must share this important information for you on this page.

What Is The Media Creation Tool in Windows 10?

Media Creation Tool in Windows 10 can be mentioned as an important and useful tool that helps users in some purposes or functions. Media Creation Tool Windows 10 was developed by Microsoft with any functions. They are:

  • To upgrade the PC that has already installed on Windows 10.
  • To create installation media (DVD/ USB flash Drive) which can be used for another computer or simple download the latest Windows 10 ISO file.

As we know that Windows 10 Media Creation Tool is so popular utility with the awesome and gorgeous functions that make the users easier in using it.

How to Use Media Creation Tool Windows?

After we master what the Media Creation Tool is, so, it is a good time for you to know on how to use it. Before we go on, we need to know that Media Creation Tool can be used on your PC to the latest Windows versions. Mostly, there is an error if you run the tool without upgrading the Windows. Windows 10 will inform some error on words “Windows 10 update error 0x8007007e”.

Well, let’s go to know the process of upgrading the tool Windows 10 from versions 1809 to version 1903 using the Media Creation Tool Windows 10 in 1903 version.

Step 1: Go to download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool on Microsoft’s official website at

Step 2: Run it as the administrator.

Step 3: Then, choose the Accept. Wait few a while until getting a few things ready. Continue when it’s done.

Step 4: Choose Upgrade this PC now on the information of what do you want to do.

Step 5: Media Creation Tool will download some files for updates immediately. Then, you have to check your PC. The process may take some time or too long.

Step 6: Select Accept on the license term.

Step 7: Then, wait for the Media Creation Tool to check for updates.

Step 8: Then, the tool will check your PC again and ensure to install it.

Step 9: On this step, you will see the information of Ready to install. Then, you can select Change what to keep.

Step 10: You can choose some options as you need. They are Keep personal files and apps, Keeps personal files only and or Keep nothing. After you choose one, click Next to continue.

Step 11: Then, close any running apps, select Install. Your PC will restart for a few minutes. So, don’t turn your PC off.

Step 12: If the installation is successful, the tool will exist on your PC soon after installation.

Well, those are the instructions that you can do if you want to install Media Creation Tool Windows 10 on your PC.

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