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Do you know about various kinds of love languages? knowing your love language is an important part of building meaningful and long lasting relationships. The way you express your love is the same way you would like to get it. Basically, love birds should understand the difference in the perception of love and how to show the partners how much they value them.

In order to find out your love language, there is a love language quiz for you to take offered by Quiz Lagoon. The quiz consists of some questions, which include:

Love Language Quiz

1. What would you like to receive for your first anniversary?

a. A romantic dinner

b. A sensual massage

c. A cute toy

d. A romantic ballad sang under your balcony

2. What would your perfect date look like?

a. A picnic

b. A movie night

c. A dinner is a cozy café

d. A romantic game for two

e. A night in a club or karaoke

f. Hit the beach

3. Choose signs that you like the most

a. Pisces, Aries

b. Scorpio, Taurus

c. Gemini, Cancer, Libra

d. Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius

e. Leo, Sagittarius

4. It’s a Saturday morning, what are your plans with the s.o.?

a. Wake them with a kiss/message

b. Make them a breakfast in bed

c. Stay together in bed until noon

d. First thing to do, wake them with sweet words and say how much you love them

5. What do you rather your partner be?

a. Cuddly

b. Loyal

c. Romantic

d. Responsible

e. Generous

6. We are not perfect; what quality of yours would you like to change?

a. My shyness

b. My lack of trust

c. My workaholism

d. My short temper

e. My impatience

f. My dependency

7. What do you think about PDA?

a. No PDA

b. It’s okay in moderation

c. I’m a highly physical person and don’t mind passers-by

8. How often do you say I love you to your partner? (or would say)

a. Very rarely

b. When I’m bursting with love

c. Every day

9. Are you a gift giver or receiver?

a. Giver

b. Receiver

c. Both

d. Neither, gifts are not so necessary

10. Are you comfortable in silence with your partner?

a. Yes

b. Only for short time

c. I feel very uncomfortable

11. Do you mind preparing dinner alone if your partner is tired or busy?

a. Not at all

b. I’ll just order something

c. I’m not much of a cooker, but I’ll try

12. Do you like surprises?

a. Yes, very much

b. No, I’m not a fan

c. I appreciate them

13. You receive a card from your partner from your birthday. What would you like to read there?

a. This day is yours, let’s enjoy it together

b. Love you from the moon and back

c. Hope all your birthday wishes come true

d. Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you everything happy

14. How long can you live without seeing your partner regularly?

a. No more than two weeks

b. About a year if I see them at least ½ of the time

c. Long distance is perfect for me

d. I can spend a couple of months without them but that’s all

15. You need to wake up your love, what would you do or say?

a. Just hug them

b. Make them coffee

c. Whisper sweet things

16. Do you leave cute messages for your partner on bath mirrors, fridge, whiteboard, and so on?

a. No

b. Sometimes

c. All the time

17. Which of these gifts would you buy for your loved one’s birthday?

a. Something practical

b. Write a poem for them

c. A game for two

d. Expensive jewelry

e. A couple blanket for two

f. A small thing they have been eyeing for a long time

18. Are you good with words?

a. Yes

b. No

c. No, but I’m not afraid to express myself

19. How much time do you spend choosing a gift?

a. Not much, I often give money or gift coupons

b. A lot, it is always about planning, research, and comparison

c. I just go shopping one afternoon and choose something that catches my eye

20. Do you know how much sugar your partner adds to coffee?

a. 1 or 2

b. Yes, I often make it for them

c. I have no idea

Go to the official website of Quiz Lagoon if you want to take the quiz. It is free and will not require you to sign in so everything will be easy.

Talking about the love language, do you know how many types of them? According to Quiz Lagoon, there are five of them, as follow:

  • Receiving gifts

Receiving gifts is quite simple. A gift is a sign that someone loves you as a person. You need to also know that the effort behind finding and wrapping it is appreciated more than its value. The price of the gift is not necessary. They usually prefer the meaningful one more.

  • Quality time

The attention given is appreciated. They always want to give it in return. Spending time with loved one is the best thing.

  • Physical touch

Each intentional skinship makes them feel loved and appreciated. Even simply holding hands would do. It is always thrilling to find the way to express love.

  • Words of affirmation

For the general public, this one is the easiest to understand. Those who are included in this kind of people love to express their love using words. Saying I love you or I appreciate you is easy for them and they usually expect the same from their partner. It is like a must to head the words of endearment.

  • Acts of service

Acts of service is the opposite of worlds of affirmation. It has been known that actions are pretty much more appreciated compared to simply using words. It is kind of “Actions speak louder than words”. Everything that makes something easy is appreciated.

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