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If you are on this page to look for the information about the Location of Spotlight Images Windows 10, certainly you are on the right page now. However, many visitors asked question about this case. Perhaps, for some people, it may be a hard way to find the location of Spotlight images on Windows 10. In this chance, we will describe about the location of Spotlight images, so, keep staying on this page to get the answer.

For most users of Windows, certainly they already know what the Windows Spotlight image is. It is because the images can be attracted lots of user to use it on your computer. By seeing the gorgeous and attractive images when the computer is locked, absolutely it can be a good moment to increase your mood. Even, when you are working and getting stress, the beautiful and inviting images on your computer will get rid of. For that reason, the Windows Spotlight can be an important thing for some of users to have it.

Unfortunately, not everyone already knows to use them on your computer. Even, they do not know where the location of Spotlight images on Windows 10 is. Probably, it can be a hard job for them to utilize the Windows Spotlight image to beautify their computer lock screen. Then, they do not use it for desktop, wallpaper or lock screen.

Because of keep staying on this page, absolutely you will know the location of Spotlight images on your computer. Generally, the Windows Spotlight images are saved on your computer library but some of them are hidden, especially the images have been downloaded. For this case that makes the users are confused to find the images on the computer. Because of the hidden file, definitely it is needed some ways to get the Spotlight images on Windows 10. For the ways, actually we have showed on the other article using the where is windows spotlight located keyword. Actually, you will search it on this page.

For this chance, we will describe it generally that perhaps will help you to get it out. The spotlight images certainly are on File Explorer on your computer. You can find them on Local Disk (C:)  by doing some following steps afterwards. As we have described, the images are hidden, so you will checklist the option with this command “Show hidden files, folders and drives”. By doing the step, you will be directed into some steps starting from selecting the Local Disk (C:) until the Assets option. Definitely, you can get those steps for detail in our other article and for the title has been informed above. So, just click it now.

Well, we just want to share give you information on how to find the actual location where the Spotlight image was shot. It totally can be an interesting topic to share. To find out where the location was taken, actually you just hover your mouse pointer around the image over the camera icon. Automatically, the location of Spotlight image will appear immediately. So, it is an easy way, isn’t it?

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