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For those who have spent the significant amount of time with Windows 10 and have not turned off the lock screen, you probably have noticed the small thing like the text saying “Like what you see?” located at the upper right corner of the lock screen.

Apparently, clicking or tapping the text saying “like what you see” will show you two options. The first one is I want more and the second one is Not a fan. This text shows up if you have turned on Windows Spotlight feature for the lock screen in Windows 10. What is Windows Spotlight?

Windows Spotlight is the name of the feature that was introduced with Windows 10. This one automatically sets exceptional pictures from Bing search as the lock screen background and allows you to submit the feedback about the certain background. All of the pictures are truly beautiful.

Before November update or Threshold 2 update, Windows Spotlight was exclusive to Home edition, but this one is now available for both Windows 10 Pro and Home editions. As stated before, the text saying “Like what you see?” shows that you want more and you are not a fan options. By clicking the first option, it will make Windows 10 shows more similar kind of images in future. For instance, if you click the option “I want more” when the lock screen background picture was of nature, Windows 10 will show you more pictures of nature on the lock screen in the future. Actually, it will occasionally show the other kinds of pictures of pictures from the other categories as well, but you are able to click another option saying that you are not a fan if you want to stop Windows from displaying those kind of pictures on the lock screen.

What should be done to turn on or turn off Windows Spotlight feature? For those who prefer to set the picture captured by you as the lock screen background, you are able to turn off the Windows Spotlight feature by following these steps:

1. The first thing that you have to do is to right click on the desktop and then click Personalize to open Personalization category of Settings.

2. Then, click Lock Screen.

3. Under Background section, the next thing that you have to do is to choose Picture or slideshow option from the drop down box.

4. If you have selected Picture option, in order to set the certain picture as the lock screen background, please click Browse option. It is located under “Choose your picture” option. Then, choose the picture that you want to set as the lock screen background. If you have selected Slideshow option, you have to click Add a folder and then choose a folder containing your favorite pictures.

Please follow every step well so there will be no mistake. If you have a hard time, do not hesitate to seek for an assistance by contacting the representative of Windows. For further information about the feature called “Like what you see”, please visit the official website of Windows.

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