Lightspeed Quiz Doesn’t Work

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Lightspeed Quiz is one of the most popular quizzes to earn Microsoft Rewards Points. This one is one of the most popular as it can earn 40 Microsoft Rewards Points. It is better compared to another Microsoft quiz called Windows Spotlight Quiz that can only earn 5 points daily.

Your reward points will increase dramatically with the thing called Lightspeed Quiz. If you want to get 200 points to redeem rewards, you can take this one to reach it fast. There are a lot of gift cards, sweepstakes and more stuff on the rewards. Every reward has a minimum point to redeem. For your information, the minimum reward points are 0 for sweepstakes. The thing is, 0 point sweepstakes is so rare. Normally, the sweepstakes need 200 points. Aside from that, you are also able to redeem the points to the gift cards that starts from 200 points.

As stated before, Lightspeed Quiz offers the biggest points among the Microsoft quiz. Fortunately, it is easy to take and to earn the points because whenever your answer whether it is right or wrong, you will get 40 points. The main reason behind it is because Microsoft uses the unique ways to increase Bing users. Aside from that, this quiz is held on the Bing search engine so every answer on the quiz will trigger the Bing search.

The topic of Lightspeed Quiz is about music. For those who love music, this one is your best option. It can test your musical knowledge. On top of that, you are able to increase your musical knowledge. In addition, the questions are about the songs, the singers, and the composers. There are also some additional information, fun facts, and the other pieces of information about the answer that displayed on the Bing search.

Before taking Lightspeed Quiz. It is better for you to learn about the classical music as a lot of questions are about the classical music. It might be difficult for some people so learning beforehand is the best way to get all the questions right. Please read a lot and take the quiz.

There might be some issues happened with Lighspeed Quiz. Here is the example. You want to take the Lightspeed Quiz so you take it and answer the question is order. Basically, you answer the first question and you move to the second one but something is wrong, the quiz never appears again for you to move to the other questions. What should you do is this kind of thing happens?

First of all, you can try to clear the cache to fix that issue. It is the basic method. Then, you sign out and sign in and try the quiz again for the second time. If this kind of thing still happens even after all the effort, you can contact Microsoft Support for the assistance regarding the concern with doing the Lightspeed Quiz in Microsoft Rewards. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out them.

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