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Do you want to join quiz or game on Quizziz? If you want to join to Quizziz, so you are able to simply join now. Based on the research, there are many people who have already joined quiz or game on Quizziz, now time is for you to try joining.

The first thing that you have to do to join on Quizziz is to sign up. It means that you need to create an account before you are able to access the quiz or game on Quizziz. Now, you are able to visit After you arrive at the homepage of Quizziz site, there you will be able to see some options; Find a quiz, create a new quiz, join a game, log in and sign up. Because you want to sign up, so simply you are able to click at sign up.

To make an account, you are able to sign up with Google. Or you are able also to sign up with email. Now, you are able to enter your email if you want to sign up with email. After that, you have to click at next button. The next step that you have to do is to follow all the instruction given to you. If everything is done and you have your account, then you are able to try take or find the quiz.

In finding the quiz, you are able to take the option “Find a quiz”. Then, on the screen you will be able to see lots of quiz. On Quizziz, you are going to find the quizzes on any topic including English and language arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, World Languages, Science, Computer Science and Skills, Career and Technical Education, Creative Arts, Health and Physical Education and more. For example, you want to take the quiz of Health and Physical Education, so just click at that quiz. There you need to select one of quiz you want to join. After you select one of quiz, time is for you to answer all questions. Make sure that you are able to answer all questions correctly to make you get a high score.

Here are some examples of questions for Health and Physical Education quiz on

1.Examples of carbohydrates are:

A. Foods that give provide us with energy: Rice, potatoes and cereal.
B. Foods that build and repair our bodies for growth: Meat, eggs and nuts.
C. Foods that provide us with energy and helps protect our organs: Sunflower oil, butter and avocado pear.
D. Foods that help our bodies develop and stay healthy: Fruit and vegetables.

2. Calcium helps us:

A. Make strong teeth and bones.
B. Helps make red blood cells which carry oxygen around your body and gives you energy.
C. Helps your immune system and also assists with growth and healing wounds.
D. Helps your lost weight.

3. Mention the foods which is not a grain source?

A. Brown Rice
B. Nuts
C. Wheat Bread
D. Spaghetti

4. What do we need to stop dehydration?

A. vitamins
B. minerals
C. carbohydrates
D. water

5. Select all of the ones that are healthy food groups.

A. Protein
B. Vegetable
C. Soy
D. Fruit

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