How to Use MSOutlookit to Browse Reddit from Your Workplace Secretly Without Getting Caught

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When you access Reddit, you probably will find the site can’t be reached.  However, it is so normal because on some regions, the site of Reddit cannot be accessed because of some reasons. Then, it may also happen in your region in which you cannot access the site.

But, there is a Ninja way that you can do to get the duplicate of a Reddit page like the original Reddit site. So, what is the way?

How to Use MSOutlookit to Browse Reddit from Your Workplace

Here, we have a gorgeous site which can allow you to get access to the Reddit page easily. You may not know yet what the program is. Well, the site that you can use to browse the duplicate page of Reddit is MSOutlookit. You can access the MSOutlookit site at

MSOutlookit works to provide the duplicate page of Reddit so that you can get any topics the same as the Reddit has on the look of MSOutlookit. The site totally replicates the Reddit content but it wraps up in the aesthetics of MS Outlook 2007. When you access the site, you probably will find each email which displays the username, title and score of each post. Moreover, you can also switch subreddits by changing the email category, but the selection is a bit limited.

MSOutlookit takes Reddit’s content and displays it as programming functions. Of course, you can find all of the relevant information including usernames, titles, and score. In this site, you are allowed to get comments which can be loaded dynamically. For the first time you access MSOutlookit, you may find that the site has a bit of a learning curve, but once you get used to it. That’s really not that bad at all.

Generally, most workplaces have strict policies against browsing entertainment sites or anything using office computers. But, it’s normal if many workers sometimes are getting bored when they’re working. So, it leads them to open the entertainment sites to refresh their brain to get back in a good mood.

Unfortunately, accessing the site containing the entertainment, jokes, or funny contents is such a forbidden thing. Whereas the workers just want to be a bit refreshed when having to struggle with work for a long time.

To refresh their workers’ brain, the Reddit site can be a good place for this situation. But, Reddit’s interface is too recognizable even from afar. Of course, anyone can catch a glance of your computer screen of what you are doing with the site. Well, in this case, MSOutlookit site is a great choice for workers who want to access the duplicate of Reddit content.

Then, how to use MSOutlookit to browse Reddit? So, follow some ways below to get the duplicate of Reddit’s content using MSOutlookit!

  • When you open the site of MSOutlookit, you will get served Reddit’s content that will look like emails to anyone who looks at the screen.

  • If you want to jump one category of posts to the next, you definitely can use the Outlook email folders which are present in the bottom left of the interface.
  • You can click on a category name in this folders list which populates the center email section with relevant Reddit posts.

  • After that, you are able to click on any post to have it opened in the email reading interface.
  • Then, you will find a link which appears next to a “+’ icon on the top of the email.

  • In this case, the main link is where you can click to make the post’s image appear within the email.

In the previous versions of the application, you were able to vote on the posts. They could also reply to post comments by clicking on the Reply link next to post comments. It opened up a window which resembles that of Compose email.

Here, you were able to easily type in your text and have it posted as a Reddit comment. But, the voting and replying features have been non-activated even since the developer took down his server dedicated to the application. When it happens, you definitely can get a green error message notifying you of the fact each time that you try to vote or reply.

Aside from getting the server back in a working state, many users of MSOutlookit wish that the developer of the site let them copy or share image links through the interface. You cannot find a Copy Image Location option appear when you right click on the image. They found a workaround though using the Inspect Element option and then copying the image from the link which appears in the developer tools window based on which web browser you use.

About MSOutlookit

MSOutlookit is a free to use web application which functions in helping anyone to secretly access Reddit sites from their workplace. The site of MSOutlookit wraps the page of Reddit interface into something which looks like MS Outlook.

Moreover, MSOutlookit is an excellent and sneaky site which you can use at work to kill your boredom. However, none would ever guess that MSOutlookit can be used to access the duplicate of Reddit’s content. All this time you were probably just using MSOutlookit for your work. Your most attentive behaviour of reading and replying to work related emails is not entirely what it seems.

Well, by using MSoutlookit, the Chrome Extension cunningly displays Reddit in a Microsoft Outlook interface. Indeed, it looks legitimate to those unaware. Like most extensions listed, it actually sacrifices images to maximize stealth and let you uncompromised. Then, don’t let people stare at your screen too long or they will start noticing certain details.

Why Reddit site cant be reached?

In this case, Reddit makes the user addictive. So many people cannot even go 24 hours without this site. It is because Reddit provides tons of funny topics which totally attract many users lingering on it. Well, the kind of addiction is such bad news when you work in an office environment. Moreover, it is just too easy and too tempting to Reddit while you work.

That’s why Reddit can’t be reached in some workplaces or some regions.

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