How to Save Microsoft Screensavers

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A screen saver is really fun on your computer and it is able to be personalized to your taste. If you want an animated sequence to show on your desktop once your computer is not in use for a period of time, so you are able to set a screen saver. Simply, screen savers are animations which show after your computer has remained inactive for a time.

Of course, you want a nice screensaver that starts once you are not using your computer. You do not worry about that because it is much easier than most people assume. Even, you are able to take any digital image and make it into a screensaver. Just follow a few instructions on your Microsoft Windows operating system and you are going to have a new screensaver.

  1. Firstly, you need to select a picture. As you navigate the Web, you may find certain photos that you like to have as your screen saver. After you find that particular photo you like, then you can right-click with your mouse on that photo.
  2. Please, save the photo. You should see a screen that gives you the option to “Save Picture As…”.
  3. Please, save the image to the Pictures directory. In the listing of the directories on your desktop, you can select “Pictures.” Then, delete the file name.
  4. You are able to remove the name that is beside “File name.”
  5. You are able to type in: screensaver.jpg. After that, click “OK.”
  6. Please access the Screen Saver section in Windows by going to the Windows icon on the lower left of your workspace and selecting: Settings > Control Panel.
  7. You are able to go to the Personalization section. After you have already selected Control Panel, then, you should see a new window filled with the icons. In this step, you need to click on the Personalization icon.
  8. You have to select the Screen Saver option. On this screen, you are going to have an option named “Screen Saver.” Then, you are able to click on the blue type and a new window will be displayed.
  9. You are able to select the “Photos” option. You should see the Photos option on this screen. Please, click on Photos.
  10. Simply, you are able to click the “Settings…” button.
  11. Please, select the option “Use pictures and videos from:”. You have to know that it is going to enable you to look for the photo which you have already saved on your desktop.
  12. Please, click the browse button to navigate to the directory where you saved your photo/picture.
  13. You are able to select the “Pictures” directory. Now, you will be able to select your file.
  14. Please, click on the screensaver.jpg file and then click “OK.” Immediately, the window will disappear.
  15. Please, click “OK” on the original Screen Saver panel. Now, you have the photo as your screensaver.

Well, the text above is a few instructions to save Microsoft screensavers. If you have any question about that, do not be hesitate to ask us.

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