How to Remove Windows Spotlight Ads

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Just Windows 10 has developed one gorgeous feature that makes the users getting fun for it. The gorgeous feature is associated with images and quiz at all. Simpler, the Windows Spotlight offers the users to play the available quiz on PC. The quiz itself is called as Windows Spotlight Quiz in which you will be presented by some amazing images involved the questions. You have to answer the questions that ask for the location of displayed images on the screen.

Aside from that, it is also not built for single feature of Windows. It means that Windows also create an added feature. In fact, Windows has built a lot of advertising on the system. Perhaps, you will be amazed for this fact. Actually, this system is not only free upgrade offer, but the new PC bought will spend about $200. It means if you purchase a new PC with Windows 10 License, you will be charged for $200 for a copy for copy of Windows 10 Professional. Then, you will see some ads when operating the computer’s system.

In fact, lots of users are mind to run this feature in which it can be mentioned as a coercion bill for some. Windows 10 will display the ads just on lock screen through Windows Spotlight. When you are looking the gorgeous images on lock screen of Windows 10, be careful because the advertisement like games will be tuck in the images. Certainly, this can make the users a little bit annoyed with this issue.

So, how to remove Windows Spotlight Ads on your lock screen? Fortunately, there is an amazing solution in which you can get rid of those lock screen ads on your computer by doing some simple ways in the text below:

Step 1: You have to click the Start Menu on your computer based on Windows 10

Step 2: Open up the settings app.

Step 3: Select the Personalization setting and navigate to the Lock Screen tab.

Step 4: When it is open. You have to find the field that reads Windows Spotlight.

Step 5: If it is found, click on the box. Then, you are able to switch this to display either a Picture or Slideshow based on your personal preference. Automatically, this step will disable Microsoft to push ads to your login screen without any permission.

Step 6: you must choose the new style of login screen. Make sure that you un-check the option for “Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen”.

Step 7: Finally, the way is successful if you will not deal again with unexpected ads in the next time you want to try to log in.

But, if the ads do not make you annoyed and you want to see the content on ads based on your interest. Certainly, you are able to tell Microsoft by clicking the icon on the top right corner of your computer lock screen. Then, in this menu, you can choose the two options: “I want more” or “Not a fan”. Then, the developer will give you the suitable content to the specific kind of ads when the Windows Spotlight images change automatically.

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