How to Remove MSASCuiL from Startup

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Msascuil.exe is a file which was originally owned by the Windows Defender’s User Interface application. If you right click on the process to see the description and then you find Windows Defender notification icon in its description, you need to worry about it and you do not have to remove the Msascuil.exe. But, if you see something else or it turns out that it is located in a random folder, it is possible that the name of the process is used by some kind of malicious application.

How to Remove Msascuil?

You are able to delete Msascuil.exe from the system in a normal way by choosing it and pressing Delete on the keyboard. You can do this after killing the process under the same name in Task Manager. However, if this belongs to malware and then you only delete the Msascuil.exe, it seems that you may not be able to disable it. It may have more than one file which is located in a random directory in your system. So, it will be recommended for you to use an automated malware remover to be able to get rid of it fully.

Below, we also have the steps that you are able to do to get rid of Msascuil.exe virus. However, it is important for you to know that you must be aware that if you remove Msascuil.exe startup may be able to cause some potential risks for your system. Why? It is because a legitimate msascuil process is the component of Windows Defender which is responsible for preventing your Windows system from the attack of virus and some high-risk computer infections. So, before you remove the msascuil file, it is better for you to have a full scan of your whole system by using a high-quality antivirus tool. Now, you can follow the steps below to get rid of msascuil.exe virus.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to restart your computer into Safe Mode.

  • After that, you need to press the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys at the same time. By pressing these keys, it will open the Task Manager window and go to the Processes tab.

  • Now, you have to right click the msascuil process and choose Open File Location. Then, you are able to scan this file by using a virus scanner. If you see that it is infected by a virus, you have to end the process and then delete the file in its folder.

  • Now, you have to press the Win + R keys so that it will open the Run dialog box. There, you have to type appwiz.cpl and then press Enter.

  • In the pop up window, you have to right click the suspicious program and then you have to click on Uninstall. After that, you have to follow the on screen prompts to be able to complete the uninstallation.

What Is Msascuil.exe?

The Msascuil.exe is a legitimate file or process and it is a part of Microsoft Windows 10. You are able to find the file in the C:\Program Files\Windows Defender folder and it is part of the Windows Defender user interface. Displaying the Windows Defender icon in the taskbar is the purpose of the msascuil.exe. Msascuil stands for Microsoft Antivirus Security Center User Interface Logo and it  is associated with Windows Defender which is an anti-virus suite made by Microsoft. It is a legitimate file or process which is able to be trusted. However, often cyber criminals use the names of these legitimate files or processes to disguise malicious software and the process in the Task Manager. Usually, they make small changes to names which will not be able to be noticed without careful inspection.

The Work of Msascuil.exe

If the Msascuil.exe is owned by the legitimate Windows application, it does not do the bad things. So, you do not have to apply for the removal of this Msascuil.exe. However, if it is owned by malware, it may be able to cause you a lot of problems because it may help the malicious application to work in a proper way. In some sources, it is said that infections of Trojan are usually the ones which borrow names of legitimate files. If this thread is also active on your computer, it means that you have to disable it as soon as possible. Why? It is because it may be able to steal information from your computer without your knowledge, log your keystrokes, install malicious applications, flood your screen with a lot of commercial advertisements and then it will not permit you to be able to use certain programs.

It is not impossible that you will delete malware completely by applying the Msascuil.exe removal. There is a possibility that there are more than one malicious component on your system. So, you will have to delete them all to disable it.

Things to Do to Avoid Installation of Malware

If you want to avoid the installation of malware, you have to choose only official and trusted sources or websites if you want to download software. Also, you have to avoid using peer-to-peer networks, rogue websites and other channels which are dubious. If you get an email from an unknown or suspicious address which is irrelevant or contains a file or link, you have to make sure that you do not open it because it may be viruses.

Another thing that you have to do is to update installed software by using implemented functions or tools which are provided by official software developers only and not third party tools. In addition, the software which is installed should be activated properly and it is better for you to not use  various third party (cracking) tools  because they are illegal and often they are infected computers with malicious programs.

You are able to keep your computer safe by having a reputable anti-virus or anti-spyware suite which is installed and enabled. If you see that your system is infected , you are able to scan with Malwarebytes for Windows to be able to get rid of the infiltrated malware automatically.

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