How to Fix Bing Homepage Quiz Not Working in My Web Browser

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For those who use the Bing search engine owned by Microsoft for searching on Internet, you might be aware of its Bing Homepage Quiz feature. The quiz is fun but sometimes there are some issues following it. One of the issues that usually happen is when someone is able to access Bing Homepage Quiz on their workplace computer but is unable to access it on their home computer. Basically, the quiz is not showing at all in their PC, even after trying with all web browser but not no benefit.

So, how to fix Bing Homepage Quiz not working in your web browser? As you probably know, Bing Homepage Quiz is only available in the US region, meaning if you have selected any different region or Bing automatically selected a different region for you, you will not see the icon of this quiz on Bing homepage.

If you want to be able to access and enjoy Bing Homepage Quiz, you will need to manually change your region to United States using Bing Settings. To do it, the first thing that you have to do is to open the official website of Bing on your web browser. Then, click on the Hamburger (3 lines) icon given at the top right corner on the Bing homepage. By doing that, you will see Settings option at the top in the main menu. Please click on it. You need to expand the Settings option so you will be able to see Country/Region option in the list. Also, please click on the Country/Region option and Bing will load Settings in the new page. After that, click on Change your country/region link and Bing will show a list of all available regions to select. The last thing that you have to do is to click on United States – English region and Bing will load the homepage again. That is it. Now you have to more your mouse cursor at different places on the background image on the Bing homepage and you will get Bing Homepage Quiz icon successfully.

In fact, the Q icon is not always visible. This one is hidden by default and you need to find it using Hotspot feature of Bing homepage. As stated before, all that you have to do is to move your mouse cursor over different places on the background image on Bing homepage and the Q icon will appear somewhere on the image. It is called the hotspot feature of Bing homepage.

When you find that Q icon, please hover your mouse cursor over it and Bing will display the homepage quiz fly out. This one shows the first question about the image of the day. you get three options to select as the right answer. Please click on the desired option and Bing will open the new page to show the result. On the next page, Bing wills how up the Next question button to give you a chance to answer the second one.

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