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Defining your style kind gives you a place to start. It is a method to uncover and come to grips with who you are. It can be used to determine what is good and not for your personal style (and why), and to identify which exciting fashion direction or chances exist for you.

You can take this style kind of quiz to find out which one you are. Knowing the kind of your style gives you clarity and a direction to go. Are you ready to find your style by taking this how to find your style quiz?

1. If you open the closet, what color palette would you see the most?

a. Basics, such as navy, khaki, charcoal, brown, or white
b. Black and neutrals
c. A rainbow of colors
d. Earth tones
e. Black with touches of bold color

2. How would your friends describe about you?

a. Relaxed and liberal
b. Playful and spirited
c. Sharp and direct
d. Traditional and proper
e. Innovative and forward thinking

3. Which would you rather do if you are given a chance?

a. Get comfortable in khakis, a collared shirt, and the cutest loafers
b. Put on a sleek v-neck top and modern cut pant
c. Grab your favorite jacket with interesting and unusual details to wear with a black pant
d. Throw on a pair of jeans, T-shirt with funky accessories
e. Step out in a fun floral dress or bright mixed prints

4. What would you do if someone gives you $500 for clothes?

a. Buy a dress that can make you feel smart and unique
b. Add to your accessories collection with a slouchy suede bag
c. Spend it on the cashmere wrap
d. But the couple outfits
e. Splurge on anything that catches your eye

5. What would you prefer when you walk into a crowded room?

a. Make a statement
b. Be animated
c. Blend in
d. Be in control, exude power
e. Seem natural and easygoing

6. What would you do when you have the urge to go shopping?

a. Find that unusual piece to add to your wardrobe that no one else will have
b. Get something with a splash of color to brigthten your day
c. Purchase practical basics for all seasons
d. Buy high quality, smart pieces that are sure to be in style
e. Go to the flea market for some great outfit

7. What is you favorite coat?

a. Straight and sleek
b. Sharp and powerful
c. Romantic with a flared princess cut
d. An easy and flowy cape
e. Edgy and asymmetrical

8. Which one catches your eye the most?

a. Stacked bangles
b. That little black dress in the special occation section
c. A Ralph Lauren lifestyle ad
d. Wide brim hats and denim
e. A story on the new designers from Belgium and Tokyo

9. Which one describes your home?

a. Minimalist
b. Fun
c. Comfortable
d. Simple
e. Luxurious

10. What is your favorite handbag?

a. A tote with initials
b. A minimalist tote
c. A leather tote
d. A backpack
e. A clutch

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