How to Convert PDF File with Hindi Text into Word File Online

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If you want to convert PDF files with Hindi text into Word File online, you are able to do that easily because now there are a number of online converters. What are the converters that we can use for converting PDF files with Hindi text into Word files? Here, we will inform you about it.

Using HiPDF

As we explained earlier, converting a PDF with Hindi text into Word file is easy. You are able to convert any PDF file into a word document with proper formatting by using HiPDF Online PDF Converter Tool. To use this online is very simple. Here are the steps that you are able to follow.

  • The first thing that you have to do is of course to visit the website of HiPDF. When you are on that site, then you have to choose the PDF To Word conversion tool from the homepage.

  • Then, in the tool window, you have to upload the Hindi PDF file that you want to convert to word document by using the available options or a simple drag and drop technique.

  • At last, you have to click on the Convert button and then wait for the HiPDF to finish the process. If the process is done, you will be able to see that the output word file will be available for download and share in a few seconds. Then, you can take the action that you want whether to save or share the file by using the available options.

In the HiPDF site, you are able to convert any files including converting from PDF to Word, converting PDF to JPG, converting Word to PDF, converting PPT to PDF, converting PDF to Excel, Converting PDF to PPT, converting PDF to Pages, converting PDF to EPUB, converting Excel to PDF, converting Image to PDF, converting TXT to PDF, converting RTF to PDF, and converting PUB to PDF. Even you are able to do the other actions here such as editing, using OCR, compressing image, cropping image, resizing image, rotating image, and many more.

With HiPDF, you will be able to convert your file and do the other things easily and safely because of these reasons:

  • It can ensure 100% file security. All of the documents which are uploaded on the site will be deleted permanently from the site after an hour. So, you do not have to be afraid of the security of your important file. With this, there is no one who can access your files so that your privacy will be protected 100%.
  • It is a free PDF to Word converter. The PDF to Word converter can be used by everyone and it is completely free.
  • It can work on some platforms. The browser-based HiPDF can work for some platforms whether you use Windows, Mac, or even Linux. And, the PDF to Doc converter permits you to be able to use it anywhere.
  • PDF to Word API are also for developers. The vast experience of this site has made them able to make a PDF to Word API which developers can use on the site.
  • You are able to change PDF to Word in an amazing quality. The PDF to Doc converter is an amazing online solution which can provide you with perfectly formatted word documents.
  • You are able to connect your online drivers to download and upload files to HiPDF. It permits seamless workflow.

Using i2OCR

i2OCR is one of the sites that you can use for converting PDF files with Hindi text to Word.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to convert the Hindi PDF file to a JPEG/ PNG image so that you are able to upload it to the web. To do this, you are able to use the Windows snipping tool. If you have had your document as an image file, you do not need it.
  • Next, you have to open i2ocr online Hindi OCR. There, you have to click the Select Image button to be able to upload the file. Do not forget that you have to mark the checkbox to verify captcha and choose the Extract Text option.
  • It is important for you to know that it will take some time to extract the text from the image. So, you have to be patient for the process to end.
  • If the process has been done, you have the option to download the converted text file in PDF, doc or text format. Also, you are able to edit the file online by opening it in Google Drive.

When you have a huge PDF file with a lot of pages, you may deal with a problem. If so, you have to capture the image of each page and then upload them one by one. This method will be able to save your time instead if you need to type your document manually.

For your information, i2OCR is an online Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which is free to use. It can extract Hindi text from images and scanned documents. So, you are able to edit, format, index, search and translate them. This web tool has a lot of features as you are able to see in the list below.

  • It is 100% free. You are able to do unlimited uploads without having to register or entering email.
  • This web tool recognizes more than 100 languages such as Hindi, Japanese, Italian, Chinese Traditional, Arabic, Korean Vertical, Lao, Marathi, Latin, Maltese, German, English, and many more. The default recognition language can be set by you by bookmarking the corresponding link.
  • It can support major input image formats such as PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF, PBM, PPM and PGM.
  • There are some output formats. The text which is extracted can be downloaded as one of these formats: Microsoft Word, Text, Simple Adobe PDF, Searchable Adobe PDF and HTML.
  • It can analyze the layout of the document and can extract text from multiple columns.
  • The image upload is flexible. This web tool permits you to be able to upload your input images from a URL like web, cloud and more or from your hard drive.
  • The extracted text can be edited online by using Google Docs or translated using Google or Bing translation service.
  • The extracted text shows recognized text and also input source image side by side to facilitate reviewing mis-recognized words.
  • Your privacy is respected and your file will not be shared with the third party.

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