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Chat bots will be a great way to get your questions answered. A web search engine, Bing is more powerful by adding relevant chatbots to your search results. For those who want to know some information about Bing Robot, read this entire article.


Bing has released an update which is designed to make it easier to find chat bots for instant messaging platforms. Looking for a command such as “Travel bots” is going to return a dedicated answer box where you are able to browse through chat bots for Skype, Facebook, Telegram and Slack. Bots are able to be added to messaging platforms directly from search results by clicking on the Add bot button.

Apparently, Bing is piloting a test program that allows the searchers to interact with chat bots on Bing itself. Looking for specific restaurants in the Seattle area will return a dedicated bot which you are able to chat for more information about the restaurant. The company says that it will be expanding restaurant chat bots to more US metropolitan areas eventually. Bing works on InfoBot which leverages information from Wikipedia to answer the questions. Some domains may be added in the future, such as,, and more. With the Microsoft Bot Framework, the developers are able to design their own chat bots for Bing. Bots have to be reviewed and approved before being made available to the searchers.

Finding chatbots for Skype, Facebook Messenger and more

Thanks to the latest update of Bing search engine, now you are able to search and find bots across multiple messaging platforms with only one search. If you run a search on Bing for ‘travel bots’, you are going to be presented with all the travel-related bots for all platforms such as Skype, Telegram, Slack, and Facebook Messenger.

Finding chatbots for Skype, Facebook Messenger and more

In order to test the improved search experience, you are able to head on to Bing and run a search for any kind of bots you want. Under the tab “All”, all bots for all messaging platforms are going to appear for you to download. You will be able to see the example Microsoft gives in its announcement blog post, that illustrates what happens from now on when you run a search for ‘travel bots’ on Bing.

Booking your dinner with a Bing bot – Chat with Bing bot

When you come to this page, you may want to know how to chat or use Bing Robot online. Here, you are going to get that information. You have to know that the new update to the bots of Bing adds the ability for the users to chat with Bing bots and get help with making a reservation for dinner. From now, when you search for a restaurant on Bing, you are going to have the chance to chat with a restaurant bot. There are lots of restaurants already have bots that help the users learn things such as if the restaurant has vegetarian or gluten-free options. Also, you are able to learn where you can park, or if the restaurants accept certain credit cards. However, we get information that this great feature is only available to the users in Seattle.

Booking your dinner with a Bing bot - Chat with Bing bot

Once you get started, the chatbot offers a number of different questions that you can ask, including these questions:

  • Show me the directions to your place?
  • What parking options you have?
  • What dishes do you recommend?
  • Do you accept Amex?
  • How do I reserve a table?
  • What is your price range?
  • Can I wear formals?
  • Are there any discounts?

Apparently, the Bing team is applying cutting edge AI techniques to fix the issues in MRC (Machine Reading Comprehension) and conversational understanding at web scale. Built on Bot Framework, this Bing InfoBot applies deep learning techniques to Bing’s knowledge of the web to build chatbots automatically from existing web content. It means that you are able to converse with an InfoBot to get answers to your questions from any web site. You will be able to chat with the Bing InfoBot to get answers from websites like Wikipedia. Aside from that, Bing InfoBot will enable you to “botify” the web without website owners needing to do custom development, that will move search towards a more conversational model at scale. InfoBot is being cooperated with a small group of users on multiple domains including,,, and more.

Make your own bot for Bing

If you are a developer, you are able to build your own chatbot for Bing. Build your bot by using Microsoft Bot Framework. After that, you have to publish your bot to the Bing channel. After your bot has been reviewed and approved, the users are able to find and chat with your bot in their Bing search results. We showed bots from some partners integrated in Bing at Build. To learn more about developing bots for Bing, you are able to check out the Microsoft Bot Framework documentation and the post about the Bot Framework announcements at Build 2017.

About Bing Bot and Microsoft Bot Services

A Bing Bot is a bot which is authored by using the Bot Framework and connected through the Bing Channel. The Bing Bot development experience offers the developers to publish their bots to Bing, where they are not only show up in the Bing Bot Rich Answer, but also the users will be able to chat with the Bot on

The Microsoft Bot Framework gives you need as a developer to make and connect the intelligent bots who interact wherever your users are talking, from text/sms to Slack, Skype, Office 365 mail or other popular services. With Azure Bot Service, easily you are able to take your bots built using the Microsoft Bot Framework and host them in Azure. For your information, it is made on top of Azure Functions, so you are going to get benefit from a server-less platform with priced consumption pricing model and operational optimizations.

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