How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself Example for Freshers

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In this page, you will be able to find the best way to answer the questions that are frequently asked such as tell me about yourself. Before starting everything, do take note that in a HR interview, there is no right or wrong answer. All that you have to do is answering and the answer itself depends on yourself.

Tell me about yourself is the first and the best question for any HR interview. It is like the common icebreaker questions for freshers. The answer to this question determines the tone of the rest interview and to present themselves in the best possible light.

How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself Example for Freshers

You are probably aware that the interviewer will not jump to a difficult level. They are professionals who are experienced enough to deal with all kinds of candidates so the first question usually aims to make the individual comfortable. However, that does not mean that the answer is not considered.

Do you know what they are really asking? It is actually easy to pass. After all, you have known yourself for a lot of years, more than people have known you. Even though you have known yourself for years, it still needs preparation to answer this question. If you go without it, then all those years will mean nothing. The main intention of the question is to know things that are written on your resume.

What is good about tell me about yourself question is that you are able to gain a lot of points if the answer is right. Here is the list of the things that you can add to your answer:

  • You are encouraged to give a brief information about your education background. If you want, adding something about your family, location, and any of your hobbies is also fine.
  • You are also allowed to mention one of your big achievements, as long as it fits the circumstance.
  • It is better for you to keep the answer to just about three or four sentences and avoid giving more than that.
  • There is no need for you to explain your strengths and weaknesses at this point as that will clearly come along.
  • A common mistake that usually happens in an HR interview is to start the sentence with the thing “I am basically from…”, which is not a good one to start a sentence.
  • You must keep the answer as simple as possible, straight to the point, and give space and time for the further questions. Remember to not stretch it too much.

If you are literally blank about what to say, here are some possible answers that you can consider:

  • Possible answer 1:

I am an XYZ graduate with internship experiences in Tech support and a passion for a career in this role. I have skills related to JavaScript, SQL (enter skills) and want to learn how to utilize these alongside my soft skills, so that I can build a career path in the department.

  • Possible answer 2:

I have spent my time by working as an admin assistant to the General Manager for just over 5 years. I began my career as a Receptionist and was promoted after only 4 months. I love learning new skills and I have completed a number of training courses. I have built a strong skill set including in depth data management expertise. I have a strong will to make full use of this in a larger working environment.

  • Possible answer 3:

I am a graduate of A College and I have experienced working in sales for both B Company and Cs Company for the last 7 years. At B I achieved an average of X% sales growth over the 4 years I worked there. At C I have consistently achieved as well as exceeded challenging sales targets. My strong networking and relationship management skills have contributed in expanding our customer base by X%. I want to meet the challenge of developing new territories for your company.  

  • Possible answer 4:

My 6 years experience in hospitality has taught me the importance of dealing with customers. I have built strong problem solving skills, sharpened by ability to manage conflict and deal with the individuals who have demanded and improved my communication skills. I am interested in using my passion for excellent customer service in giving the best thing possible for the retail clients.  

  • Possible answer 5:

I have learnt to become a well qualified marketing specialist. I have completed the challenging internship in the marketing field and have spent my holiday by working with XYZ Company. This year, I expect to graduate from X College with a GPA of X% and I want to use what I have learned in a practical and impactful way.

  • Possible answer 6:

My name is A. I am from B. My experience as a HR officer has opened the chance to specialize in delivering training and I have completed a few training on some different kinds of training that are based on HR in the past years. My strengths include organizing learning modules, making instructional activities and presenting concepts. I always love to learn and be a better one so I usually put some effort towards improving my knowledge and skills while keeping moving ahead with my thing in your organization.

In answering the question, being relaxed does wonder in giving the best answer. While it is normal being nervous and sweating when facing an interviewer, please try your best to keep calm and just think that you are great enough to be hired and you are ahead of the others. It might sound arrogant but it really does help to gain confidence. However, please do not overdone it. Build confidence for the right purpose and know the limit. When you are calm, confidence will occur immediately. Once again, believe that you can do it and you are able to answer every question thrown at you, including the one question about yourself.

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