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The PDF is the easiest format to print any quizzes especially for trivia questions and answers. If the quizzes come with a PDF format, we think that it will ease you to print it and then play the quiz with your friends. Unfortunately, not all trivia questions and answers are available in PDF format, meaning you should find out those quizzes which come with PDF.

Thankfully, this post will give you some recommendations for quiz providers which provide the PDF quiz. Therefore, you can easily print out the trivia quiz with questions and answers. If you really desire to get hilarious trivia questions and answers in PDF, let’s see our post below!

Hilarious Trivia Questions and Answers with PDF

Trivia Champ

This is one of the trivia quiz providers which shows the quiz in PDF. So, you are allowed to print all quizzes from this page. Not only a fun/ hilarious quiz that you can get from Trivia Champ, you can also get more topics including general trivia quiz, movie quiz, TV shows quiz, music quiz, history quiz, geography quiz, science quiz, sports quiz, kids quiz, and more.

Because this post focuses on giving you hilarious quizzes, of course we’ll only provide some fun quizzes which are available in Trivia Champ. In this chance, we choose an example for the kids fun quiz and games.

Here are examples of hilarious quizzes that you can get from Trivia Champ site:

1. What is the color of an American football?

a. Red
b. Yellow
c. Green
d. Brown

The answer is d. Brown

2. How many dice are used in a Backgammon game?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

The answer is b. 2

3. How many ghosts spawn in ‘A Christmas Caro’ from Charles Dicken?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

The answer is d. 4

4. Who teaches ‘Quidditch’ in the Harry Potter book and movies series?

a. Professor Snape
b. Professor Sprout
c. Professor Dumbledore
d. Professor McGonagall

The answer is d. Professor McGonagall

5. What is Mario’s brother’s name in the Super Mario Video game?

a. Wario
b. Brock
c. Luigi
d. Yoshi

The answer is c. Luigi

6. Shuttlecock is used in the game of …..

a. Badminton
b. Racquetball
c. Tennis
d. Squash

The answer is a. Badminton

7. Peter Parker is the secret identity of which superhero?

a. Robin
b. Batman
c. Spider-Man
d. Superman

The answer is c. Spider-Man

8. Elmo is a character from which children’s TV series?

a. Caillou
b. Teletubbies
c. Sesame Street
d. SpongeBob SquarePants

The answer is c. Sesame Street

9. Nancy Drew is a character as a …..

a. Cook
b. Athlete
c. Baby Sitter
d. Detective

The answer is d. Detective

10. Snake is the main character in which video game?

a. BioShock
b. Metal Gear Solid
c. Counter-Strike
d. Tomb Raider

The answer is Metal Gear Solid

Well, those are some examples of hilarious trivia questions and answers with PDF that you can get from Trivia Champ. Sure, there are still many quizzes in other categories that you can get from. Then, how to print the PDF trivia questions and answers from Trivia Champ site?

To print the hilarious/ fun kids trivia quizzes, it’s pretty to do. Here’s how!

Trivia Champ

  • Firstly, you can visit the Trivia Champ site at https://triviachamp.com/
  • Then, search the categories of the quiz that you want.
  • As you want to find the fun quizzes, you can click on the Kids Fun And Games Trivia Quiz category or Fun Online Pranks.
  • After that, the list quizzes will show.
  • To print it, you need to scroll down to the bottom of quizzes until you find the option ‘Click Here For a Printable Version of This Quiz’. Then, click on it.
  • By clicking on the option, it will direct you to the print page.
  • Then, you can click on the ‘Printer Icon’ to start printing the quiz.

That’s it! You successfully print the PDF hilarious trivia questions and answers from Trivia Champ.

Quiz: Love to Know

Aside from the Trivia Champ site, you can also get fun trivia questions and answers with PDF format from the Love to Know site. Just like Trivia Champ site, it also provides many categories of the quiz that you can choose including Fun Trivia Quiz, Holiday quiz, Religious quiz, General quiz and many more.

Unlike the quiz available in Trivia Champ in multiple choice form, the fun quiz from Love to Know site comes in the form of essay questions. The look of the paper of this quiz is more attractive as it is decorated with colorful templates.

Here are examples of fun quizzes that you can get from this site:

1. During World War II, what is the candy which was included in U.S. Soldier’s rations?

2. What M&M candy color was stopped in the 1970s?

3. What is the candy bar which makes you “feel like a nut”?

4. Where did Baby Jesus born?

5. Who sewed the first American flag?

6. How many stripes and stars were found on the first American Flag?

7. How did the shepherds find baby Jesus?

8. What was the original name of the Sugar Daddy candy on stick?

9. When was Independence Day declared a legal holiday?

10. What is the name of the gum packages which contain stickers featuring parodies of popular products?

The answers:

1. Grape, orange, lemon and lime.

2. Red

3. Almond Joy (got nuts, Mounds don’t)

4. Bethlehem

5. Betsy Boss

6. 13 stripes and 13 stars

7. They actually followed a bright star

8. The Papa Sucker

9. 1941

10. Wacky Packages

Well, those are some example fun trivia questions and answers that you can get from Love to Know site. Do you want to print the quiz? As the quiz on the Love to Know site comes in PDF, you can easily print it. Here’s how!

Love to Know

  • You have to access the site at https://quiz.lovetoknow.com/Printable_Fun_Trivia_Questions
  • Then, search for the quiz you want.
  • Once you find the category of the quiz, you can click on the image to print it. Need to know, most quizzes on this site come in the form of images which ease you when printed.
  • After clicking on the image, it will direct you to the print page.
  • You can then click on Print Icon to continue printing.

That’s it! You successfully print the quizzes from this site.

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