Here to Fix Side-by-side Configuration Error in Windows 10

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When you start to open Windows 10, you may find some apps failed to open because of side-by-side configuration errors. Of course, it is time for you to fix it through some smart ways that we will show below. However, fixing side-by-side configuration errors on Windows 10 is such an easy way to do.

Here to Fix Side-by-side Configuration Error in Windows 10

At least there are several ways that you can take to fix side-by-side configuration errors on Windows 10. Those ways below can be your option if one of them cannot solve your problem. So, let’s see how to fix it!

Way 1: Reset Windows 10

However, if you find a side-by-side configuration error on Windows 10, it may be a serious system issue. In this case, many users try to reset Windows 10 in an attempt to get a clean start and fix some messy problems.

Here are the steps to reset Windows 10:

  • First, click on the Start Menu. Choose Settings. Instead, you can use Windows + I key to open it.
  • After that, click on the Update & Security tile.

  • Then, Switch to the Recovery tab.
  • In this step, you can see Reset this PC header. Once you find it, simply click on the Get started button under it.

  • Select whether or not you want to keep personal files. The option means that your applications will be removed.
  • Last, proceed with the on-screen prompts and reset your PC.

That’s it! Make sure to not miss a step above to reset Windows 10.

Way 2: Redownload the File Installer

The side-by-side configuration error which may occur on Windows 10 leads you to re-download the file installer, then attempt the process once again. Generally, some installers will run into errors because of a corruption file during the downloading process. Or it also happens due to an outdated file with your operating system.

Well, to redownload the file installer, you can navigate to the manufacturer’s site. Then, download the latest available installer version for your software. In this case, we recommend you to download the installer from the trusted one.

Way 3: Remove Configuration Conflicts Automatically

To remove it automatically, you will need an app named Advanced SystemCare. Then, to use it, you can do any of the ways below!

  • First, you have to download Advanced SystemCare here.
  • Then, install and run it on your PC.
  • After that, you can check the box of Select All. Choose to Scan.
  • Then, Advanced SystemCare will be scanning your registries, files and startup programs and many more.
  • Select Fix to remove the problematic items automatically on Windows 10.
  • After Advanced SystemCare works well, you can check whether the app has failed to start because side-by-side configuration is incorrect to not pop up again.

Way 4: Run System File Checker

You also need to run System File Checker to fix the side-by-side configuration error. The System File Checker  is a utility included with every Windows version which allows you to scan and restore corrupted system files. Here are the steps to run System File Checker:

  • First, you can type in Command Prompt in the search box. Then, right-click the result to Run As administrator.
  • After that, enter sfc/scannow in the Command Prompt and hit Enter to perform System File Checker. Then, the file will start to scan all the system.
  • Once the verification is 100%, it is time to restart your computer to see if the app can start well.
  • If the problem is hard to solve, you can go back to the command prompt, they type two commands: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth and DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
  • Once it finishes, close the windows and restart your PC. Then, check if it works.

Way 5: View an Error from Event Viewer

When you get pop up it says that the application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect, so you will be allowed to see it on event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool. Then, to see it using an Event Viewer, you can follow these ways below!

  • First, open Event Viewer.
  • Once you are on Event Viewer, go to Windows Log, choose Application.
  • Then, check the event logs of apps in the middle pane.
  • From this step, you may not only find the error of side-by-side configuration incorrect, but also the issue Activation context generation failed.
  • Then, try to fix it by moving on more steps.

If the fifth way cannot resolve your problem, you can take the next way until the side-by-side configuration error on Windows 10 is resolved.

Way 6: Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Before you decide to fix the error, make sure that you already know about Visual C++. This is a programming language and most of the time you have it installed by default. Then, the only tricky part about the Visual C++ installers is that there are many versions. So, the error may happen on one of the versions.

  • First, you need to go to the Control Panel.
  • Choose Program and Features to find all the Microsoft Visual C++ xxx Redistributable packages.
  • Once you find it, right-click to Uninstall them one by one.
  • After that, it is time to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable by downloading it first through the link that we will show at the end of this way.
  • After downloading it on your PC, you have to install it.
  • Last, you need to restart your PC and check Microsoft Visual C++ again.

In this way, you will find Windows 10 has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.

Link to Download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable:

Why You should Fix Side-by-Side Configuration Error on Windows 10

In fact, a lot of Windows 10 users reported that they often get an odd error when they start to open some apps on their computer. The error here says side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Then, they failed to launch any apps.

Of course, it makes them annoyed with this error. Indeed, it does not occur once but many times when they try to launch, install or even uninstall any apps.  So, that’s why you definitely fix side-by-side configuration errors on Windows 10 to get rid of your frustration.

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